Wilderness Wildlife Week

Wilderness Wildlife Week is a special time to visit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Wilderness Wildlife Week is one of the nationís top educational (and fun) events and it is held right in downtown Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This Smoky Mountain event is a combination of nature workshops, lectures and daily hikes on some of the most beautiful trails in the Smokey Mountains. Wilderness Wildlife Week, in Pigeon Forge, also includes events such as, natural and cultural history, photography, fly fishing, songbirds and much more. Wilderness Wildlife Week also presents history about the Cherokee Indians and early settlers of the area so you can more clearly understand how the history of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee started unfolding.

Wilderness Wildlife Week has more than 90 experts on hand to educate visitors on the many wonderful things that can be found in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This Pigeon Forge event offers many representatives for the National Park Service, Tennessee Wildlife Resources, Tennessee State Parks and many of the educators from universities in Tennessee and other surrounding areas will join together to make sure Wilderness Wildlife Week is a fun, environmental and educational experience. These nine days will educate you and offer you a chance to participate in more than fifty hikes and small trips and give you a chance to hear more than 100 lectures, workshops and presentations.

Wilderness Wildlife Week has guided hikes through the Smokey Mountains and these hikes ranger from easy and relaxed to more strenuous, multi-mile trails. So whether youíre a more relaxed hiker or a more experienced hiker there is a trial for you to enjoy during this Pigeon Forge, Tennessee event. Each educational topic depends on the type of hike and some of the hikes are daylong events. Hikers are encouraged to bring everything you will need for a day on the hiking trails in the Smokey Mountains. It is encouraged to being along gloves, head cover, rain gear, a small lunch or snacks, a flashlight and extra socks for comfort. This items will help make your hiking experience even more enjoyable. There are also a large amount of programs designed for children during Wilderness Wildlife Week.

Parents and teachers will agree that Wilderness Wildlife Week is a fun and very educational experience that everyone will enjoy. Each visitor can widely benefit from the thing they learn during Project Wet and Project Wild environmental educational programs. Resource manuals are filled with activities for young children and are provided free of charge at the end of every eight hour session at Wilderness Wildlife Week. This Pigeon Forge event attracts visitors and nature lovers from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to join in on fun activities and environmental experiences. Spending a week at Wilderness Wildlife Week will provide you will skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. You will never forget what you learned at Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.