For Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Your Most Relaxing Smoky Mountain Vacay Yet

You have heard it before: “I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.” From running around to constantly feeling the need to go, do, and see – and navigating traffic – it can definitely feel like you left work to go relax and somehow came back even more tired! We are here to help. Using these 10 helpful ideas and pointers, you can truly submerge yourself into the least amount of “doing” while still having fun and indulging in the most rejuvenating relaxation humanly possible on a Smoky Mountain vacay in a Pigeon Forge Cabin. These are simple ways to avoid a ton of driving, avoid accidentally not packing something, ease your departure and return, and stimulate your soul by being a little unplugged

Short Term Goals: Packing
You are all running around the house, stuffing random chargers, snacks, and miscellaneous items into the front pockets of your suitcases, and a couple U-turns later…you are finally on your way. I am describing the exact scene of oh-so-many mornings of my own vacation departures. Getting older and many vacations later, I appreciate those little hand-written lists my mom always coolly carried around days in advance of our planned vacations. Write out your list, hang it on your bathroom mirror, and leave a pen nearby because you will always think of something. For the technically savvy, ask Siri or Alexa to add it to your “Vacation Pack List” on your phone. Then pack the day before and watch how smoothly and stress-free your departure goes the following morning.

Plan Adventures Ahead
Don’t miss out on unexpected fun because of a lack of funds or time! Check out Pigeon Forge events, attractions, and miscellaneous ways to play on our blog and begin planning accordingly. Did you know that there is llama trekking in the Smokies or designated time in Cades Cove that only bikes are allowed on the roads? Learn about all the incredible adventures you can have and rest easy knowing you have enough time and vacation fund to do so!

Things to Pack to Maximize Relaxation
There are a few things that I try to always carry with me because…you never know. I love my Eno hammock. You can post up and enjoy the views while swaying in your cabin’s yard, during a picnic in Patriot Park, or at the end of your hike to Abrams Falls to watch the waters rushing and splashing into the river below. I have even seen my mom hook her Eno on a cabin’s deck before. Paper or electronic, don’t forget a good book because your Pigeon Forge, TN Cabin is loaded with relaxing spots to read. There aren’t too many moments that are more relaxing than listening to an Audiobook on a Bluetooth speaker as I soak in the hot tub or reading my newest fantasy novel on my Kindle sunk into a plush reading chair by the fire. I love getting back into a fun craft while I have the spare time. Whether you knit, cross stitch, draw, write, or bead, it’s so relaxing to get crafty while enjoying some fresh mountain air, inspiring views of the clouds crawling over the distant peaks, and freshly brewed coffee while lounging on the cabin’s deck.

Allot Time To Do Nothing
Oftentimes, when we go somewhere exciting like Pigeon Forge, there is a strong urge to explore and do…constantly. Set aside half days or an entire day totally committed to enjoying the simplicity of mountain cabin living! Even if you are vacationing with kids, many Pigeon Forge cabins provide ample entertainment like arcade games, theater rooms, and indoor pools!

Spend Some Time on the River
Let the miles of streams carry away your worries of home while lounging in an inflatable tube! River Rage Tubing provides you with the tube and an unlimited shuttle. Pick 1 of 3 river routes and bob your way along as the sun warms your skin and waters cool your body. Still want to tube once you’ve reached the end? Keep tubing! River Rage allows you to tube all day on all 3 routes with the use of their shuttle. The Smokies is also prime fishing country! Sit back and relax in your lounge chair on the river and cast a line while sipping on a craft beer from a Smoky Mountain Brewery growler for a fisherman’s perfect day.

Get Some Fresh Air
You don’t have to be an avid hiker, or anywhere close to it, to enjoy a good walk or easy bike ride in the Smoky Mountains. Over 800 miles of trails are blazed throughout the area, including paved pathways, flat cycling routes, and moderate hikes. Getting in touch with nature is a well-known activity for getting clarity, improving your mood, and inspiring deep, meaningful thought. You may be working your body, but you are encouraging profound relaxation in your mind and soul. Check out the Cades Cove General Store to rent bikes to tour the rolling valley of wildflowers and wildlife surrounded by the mountains or simply take the short, paved hike to Laurel Falls, an 80-foot cascading waterfall. There are plenty of ways to get some fresh air, and ample amenities in your Pigeon Forge Cabin to help you unwind afterwards.

Use the Pigeon Forge Trolley
The Parkway is going to stay pretty busy from May through December. From the summer vacation months, fall festivals and fall foliage, and magical time of Winterfest, you can expect to see traffic on the major highway that connects the Smoky Mountain cities of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. Skip the traffic and task of parking at every stop and let the Pigeon Forge Trolley take you everywhere you could want to go! Over 50 stops litter the city and it’s only $2 for an entire day of riding! Check out their routes and individual rates on their website. It’s so easy, simply park in their lot located behind Patriot Park and let the car hangout while you explore!

Utilize Your Fully-Loaded Kitchen
Look, I know cooking doesn’t sound relaxing to everyone, but it is pretty fun when you are in a charming cabin kitchen. It’s like you are a celebrity chef or playing on a new playground. The kitchen has been fully stocked with cooking tools, pots, pans, and appliances so you can whip up that staple dish you make at home or try a new recipe with your friends. Cooking in your cabin is also a great way to save money and avoid driving after a couple drinks with dinner. After you throw everything in the dishwasher, host a fun game night at the dining room table or sink into the sofas for movie night by the fire!

Pick Up a New Game
Put away everyone’s phones and smart devices and have game night, throwback Thursday style, minus the embarrassing haircuts and regretful fashion choices. Peruse Amazon and read the reviews on the newest board games coming out to find the perfect game for you and your family or friends. With everyone trapped in the cabin without distracting devices in hand, you are in for a fun night of laughter that is like therapy to your soul and relationships. Some of my current favorites: The Resistance, Exploding Kittens, and Settlers of Catan. Disclaimer: if your family is competitive like mine, it also runs the risk of ruining some relationships. Just kidding…mostly.

Utilize Your Cabin’s Amenities
This sounds like a “doy,” but hear me out. Many of the Pigeon Forge Cabins house washers and dryers and, while doing laundry doesn’t sound exactly “relaxing”, it will make your life so much more relaxed when you get home. Imagine it: unpacking clean clothes from your suitcase after your vacation. Throw water bottles and Rubbermaid containers from your hiking backpacks into the dishwasher. Use the cabin’s wireless internet to keep up with any quick work emails so you don’t return to a mountain of messages in need of response, days ago. Life can be a lot easier upon return, and you can sustain that relaxed mountain state-of-mind long after you leave.

No more vacation from your vacation, enjoy the most relaxing vacay possible during your stay in a Pigeon Forge Cabin getaway!