2015 Festival of Nations


Ever wanted to travel the world and experience the many different cultures it has to offer? Why spend the thousands of dollars it could take to do that? Pack up that suitcase and take a trip to Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, as Humana presents Dollywood’s Festival of Nations. This month-long celebration features music, dance, food, art and more from all around the world. Here are just a few of the many shows that will be highlighted:

  • Rhythm of the Dance – This inspirational production contains a group of Irish gifts portrayed by not only dancers but singers and musicians as well. The Rhythm of the dance will retell its audience the history of the Irish Celts. You will see Irish step dancing that seeks to be presented in a modern format, making it entertaining for all ages.
  • Alash Ensemble – Come to the Heartsong Theater to see the new addition of the festival this season. Alash are masters of Tuvan throat singing. This unique type of singing is where they will be using a special technique singing several pitches at the same time, along with creating their own style with musical instruments. These men are from the Tuva Republic of southern Siberia and cannot wait to share their culture’s music with you!
  • Mariachi Divas – Don’t miss out on one of the most musically-inclined international quartets. This all-female mariachi band has definitely made a name for itself across the world and has agreed to come back to Dollywood’s Festival of Nations for 2015. They will travel all the way from Mexico with their instruments, ready to take you right into the Mexican culture!
  • Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany – Think about walking around Dollywood and seeing people up to 11 feet tall! Wow! These German stilt dancers walk the streets of Dollywood in original and lively costumes, performing high-energy routines for all its guests. This is not something to miss!
  • Timber – From a small town in Quebec, Canada, a group of performers are looking to bring a dynamic and festive show. It will feature exercises of strength and agility, along with a folk soundtrack to accompany. These acrobatic performers will portray the adventures of North America’s first loggers and farmers. To perform such acts, they use all sorts of real life and unusual farming equipment to make the story come to life.

The cultural celebration begins March 21 and ends April 21. So book that special Pigeon Forge cabin and don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Call now and one of our many reservation specialist are waiting to assist you. You can reach us at 866-513-7885 for more information about our cabins and the area.