5 restaurants to try in Pigeon Forge


There are many delicious restaurants in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area! We compiled a list of places you might want to try on your next vacation! If you have any suggestions on restaurants in the area please feel free to comment below!

1. Restaurant: Old Mill Pottery House Café and Grille
Food to try: Fried Green Tomatoes

It is said that this restaurant has great service and a casual atmosphere. Though the food may be upscale the price is not. With pleasing portion sizes and a beautiful outdoor seating area this dining experience is sure to be enjoyable. The Old Mill Pottery House Café and Grille serves lunch and dinner so dress in your casual attire and experience it for yourself!
Thing to know: The outdoor seating area has a Koi pond!

2. Restaurant: Corky’s
Food to try: BBQ sandwich

Many customers who eat at this restaurant say that they love how the BBQ is cooked! When eating BBQ it is important that it is not overcooked and that it is mixed with the right sauce. From what people have said that frequent Corky’s the chef has mastered the recipe! The service is great, portion sizes are filling, and they are fairly priced for those on a budget. Dining here with children will be a breeze!
Thing to know: They accept coupons!

3. Restaurant: Blue Moose
Food to try: The wings

This restaurant is family friendly and also a great place to watch a game with some friends. The Blue Moose is Pigeon Forge’s only family sports bar and has been for years! With great service and a large variety of American food everyone in your family is sure to enjoy. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Kids and adults alike enjoy the Blue Moose’s food that comes complete with a relaxing atmosphere for dining.
Thing to know: Their fried pickles make a great appetizer!

4. Restaurant: Smokies Cuban Café
Food to try: The Cuban Sandwich

With a “hole in the wall” fell this restaurant is sure to be a hit for the more adventurous foodie. People travel from all over to try this authentic Cuban cuisine! The inside of the Smokies Cuban Café is small with only several tables but it would be the perfect setting to host a work lunch or dinner. The food here is affordable and the service is quick!
Thing to try: If you are looking for something new to try before or after your meal you should order the Cuban coffee and Tostada.

5. Restaurant: Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop
Food to try: The Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Customers love this bakery for many different reasons. The staff is described as being helpful and the owner is described as being very sweet which helps to create a friendly place to dine. The location is easy to find and only a short distance from the main part of town. People return year after year to dine here with their friends and families. The food is good for dining on a budget and you will have many different options to choose from so test a couple treats for yourself! The atmosphere is quaint, cute, and comfy.
Thing to know: Bakeries are also hit or miss but with this one standing alone and not being part of a chain, customers say that is surpasses other well known chain bakeries!