Classic Pigeon Forge Fun at the Autumn Moon Drive In


You are sitting in a bright red classic convertible with the top down; fireflies dance in the pink, purple, and deep blue skies at dusk; and soft summer breezes move through the field as the giant screen lights up. But this isn’t a scene out of the 1950s, it’s 2019 in Pigeon Forge! Every night is a perfectly dreamy evening at the classic American drive-in theater with the best weather, classic vehicles, and gorgeous scenery in August Moon Drive-In Theater, the highly-anticipated new attraction set to open its doors next year.

Blow away your special someone who is a movie buff with this romantic excursion during a honeymoon or anniversary in the Smoky Mountains, or really surprise the kids with this rare opportunity to experience movies the way they used to when classic hot rods ruled the roadways while bonding as a family during a Pigeon Forge vacation.

Unparalleled Design

Contracted within another entirely new attraction in downtown Pigeon Forge, The Mountain Mile currently in construction on 174+ acres, Autumn Moon’s unique design will have you in a 1950s dream. The 45,000-square-foot dome makes the perfect summer night possible every day of the year as it floats above the state-of-the-art environment by air support. The top in talent and innovation from theatrical, film, and theme park designers combined their efforts to create a little world unto its own with lifelike trees, grass, and an expansive starry sky twinkling overhead. The attention to detail in recreating those most memorable and cherished summer nights is impeccable down to the dancing fireflies among the trees and against the night sky and the serenading sounds of crickets that float on soft summer breezes.

In addition to the incredible detail in the natural elements of Autumn Moon, the outer dome will be just as alluring with over 1,000 programmed colorful LED lights shining from all over the 7-story high-gloss air dome. Even inside the larger attraction area of Mountain Mile, Autumn Moon will stand out on the Pigeon Forge skyline demanding everyone’s much-deserved attention!

The Dream Drive-In Experience For Everyone

Underneath the bright moon and starry skies, 40 classic cars will be parked on the huge lawn for guests to dine, cuddle, and enjoy new and classic films on North America’s largest non-IMAX screen. From the leather seats of a shiny red convertible or the cushioned truck beds of a Chevy pick-up, Autumn Moon will host a wide variety of classics to provide the perfect viewing vehicle to your family night at the drive-in or your romantic date underneath the stars. Hot rods aren’t the only good seats in this drive-in, though! August Moon will also offer luxury seating options like dreamy tree bench swings, cozy cushioned chairs in private booth treehouses, and premium stadium seating with extra outstanding perks.

Autumn Moon is more than your normal movie-going experience! Before the virtual “sunset” and the beginning of your film, take a walk along the gravel pathways to check out the scenery, grab a drink at one of the full-service bars, and grab a bite to eat from the service venues found throughout the attraction! Sticking with the classic American theme, the August Moon kitchens will be serving up mouthwatering favorites like burgers, fries, popcorn, hot wings, milkshakes, and more! Before and after your featured presentation, visit the separate lounge where you can enjoy live musical performances for a much more exciting way to spend the previews and credits. However, the previews in August Moon are just as magical, too, with movie previews that feature live actors who interact with the audience!

Planning a group event in one of our large lodges in the Smoky Mountains? Autumn Moon is not only supplying 40 classic hot rods, ample viewing spaces, and a projected 18 screening events a week, but the attraction will also boast private “tree house” event and party spaces. During your stay in the Smoky Mountains in a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin during 2019, be on the lookout for this one-of-a-kind, incredible movie experience. Visit the August Moon Drive-In homepage and sign-up for an email invitation for grand opening dates and specials!

Other Throwback Classic Fun in Pigeon Forge

During your stay in a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin, revisit simpler times both in and near your cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Host “unplugged” family dinners using your cabin’s fully loaded kitchen to cook together and then settle in around the dining room table without phones and other distractions to reconnect with loved ones. Enjoy sipping on crisp beer and trading stories during a cookout and playing outdoor games on the deck or in the cabin’s front lawn.

Want to reminisce on some of the glory days of Hollywood autos? Pay a visit to the Hollywood Star Cars Museum where you can see and snap pics of classics like the 1967 Mustang, Eleanor, from Gone In 60 Seconds. Bring back a hilarious photo from your trip at one of Pigeon Forge’s classic Old Time Portrait studios where everyone can dress-up and goof-off while snapping souvenir photos you’ll cherish.

It’s easy to slow down and revisit quieter moments when you are surrounded by the majestic Smoky Mountains; schedule your escape in a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin and let time slow down and the rest of the world keep its worries for a while.