Tips on Dealing with Bears in Pigeon Forge

The bears in Pigeon Forge are out. They’ve been seen all throughout the summer months. Some are small, and some are very large. However big they are it’s imperative that guests don’t interact with bears in Pigeon Forge. Bears are very dangerous and the more humans interact with them the less afraid they will be of us. The bears in Pigeon Forge have become more and more brave over the years and our community wants to make sure that guests are safe when they visit the Smoky Mountains which are home to many black bears.

We’ve put together some tips on how to deal with the bears in Pigeon Forge.

#1 – When you stay at one of our cabins don’t, I repeat don’t feed the bears in Pigeon Forge! The other day we had a nice gentelman in our office who was talking about his last visit to the Pigeon Forge area. He casually mentioned that the last time his family came they got to see bears. The bears actually came up to the back of their cabin which sat on the mountain. The deck in the back was high enough that the family decided there would be no danger in throwing some food down to the bears. Um….that’s a big no no.

Don’t feed the Pigeon Forge bears. They are hungry creatures that can become aggressive when it comes to food. If they associate your cabin and your family as food sources, that could be bad.

#2 – Don’t leave trash out. If your cabin company provides trash containers that lock then use the locks. Bears love the smell of food and trash is no exception. The bears in Pigeon Forge will rip through bags and dig through garbage to locate any source of yummy food smells. Lock your trash up or put it in the dumpster that your cabin company provides.

#3 – Don’t keep food outside. If you’ve gone to pick up pizza, don’t stand outside with it. That might attract a bear in Pigeon Forge. We’ve heard stories like this before. Instead, take the food inside as soon as you get home.

If you do come face to face with a Pigeon Forge bear when you have food in your hands we suggest you put the food down. They want it and as long as you’ve got it there’s a chance they’ll come after you.

#4 – Don’t approach Pigeon Forge bears, even if they are babies. If you see a bear it is not wise to approach it. You’d be surprised how fast they are. If you see a baby bear you should heed the same advice. Where there’s a baby there’s most likely a mama watching over it. It is not wise to make friends with the Pigeon Forge bears.

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