Best Places for Photos in Pigeon Forge


The best parts about family vacations to Pigeon Forge are the memories you create while you’re there. In the months and years following your vacation, the memories often fade and become distant in your mind. To re-spark the emotions and fun you had on your vacation it is often helpful to have photographs to reminisce over. You can relive your funny moments, the beautiful scenery and the great experiences you had all with the click of a camera button. With many cell phones now donning powerful cameras and digital, point-and-shoot cameras more popular than ever, it is easy to capture your family’s great time in Pigeon Forge.

Wondering where you should start? There are many places in Pigeon Forge that will create memorable photo opportunities; however, narrowing the places you will travel down can be overwhelming to plan – especially if you’ve never visited the area before. Check out these great places for family photos, pack your clothes and camera, and let the fun memories begin!

The Old Mill
While this may already be on your “must visit” restaurant list, The Old Mill boasts breathtaking landscaping as well as tasty food. The functioning mill as well as the manmade waterfall and Little Pigeon River are scenic and embody the “old” Pigeon Forge people know and love. While you cannot get very close to the mill, you are able to shoot a picture from the nearby bridge or from across the river.

Parrot Mountain
You may not have thought Pigeon Forge offered a tropical escape – but guess again! Parrot Mountain is located in nearby Sevierville and is a beautiful English-style homestead that boasts cottages, landscaping and stacked-stone fences for you and your family to capture your memories. Parrot Mountain is also home to hundreds of rescued parrots and birds, where you and your family can get up-close and personal with colorful and friendly winged creatures in a garden type setting.

Titanic Museum Attraction
While this world’s largest museum attraction does not allow photographs inside, the outside offers multiple photo opportunities for you and your family. The large ship-shaped building resembles the Titanic, iceberg and all! Stand at the front of the ship for a view of the iceberg in the background, or from the side to act-out boarding the ship.

Scenic Roads/Downtown
Nearly every area of Pigeon Forge offers beautiful places to capture memories. Simply take a drive through the down and stop at a scenic overlook or in front of the forest for a great fall-time (or anytime!) photograph. Ensure that the road has a safe place to pull over and stay alert to protect you and your family’s safety.

Your Cabin
Of course, on your vacation to Pigeon Forge, you will want to take pictures inside and outside of your cabin. Pose your family in front of your beautiful mountain view or assemble on the front porch for a great place to capture your family’s smiles. You will treasure the photos forever and it will make you want to return to Pigeon Forge again and again!