Dollywood – Kid-Friendly Rides


The city of Pigeon Forge offers one of Tennessee’s biggest and best amusement parks – Dollywood! This famous Smoky Mountain landmark is a favorite of area visitors, from families to vacationing couples. The largest ticketed attraction in Tennessee, Dollywood draws in more than 3 million guests annually. Aside from hosting crafts, concerts, musical events and festivals, the park’s main attraction is the variety of fun rollercoasters and rides!

Dollywood offers many exciting rides for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, including the new Wild Eagle and FireChaser Express. However, families vacationing with children prefer to take it easy and enjoy rides that the kids will love too! Dollywood practically specializes in kid-friendly rides that are appropriate for children of all ages. From water rides to playgrounds, carousels to spinning scramblers, everyone will be delighted by the variety of rides that this Pigeon Forge amusement park has to offer.

Let’s start off with the kid-friendly water rides – the perfect way to cool off and beat the summer heat! One of the little one’s favorite attractions is Beaver Creek, a lazily winding stream where children can wade in and splash in the water. Check out the leaf races or the Beaver Creek Boat Float for a rocking good time! Another fun attraction is River Battle, a $5 million dollar themed water raft ride complete with soaker guns and more than 100 targets to take aim at. Kids will love honing their skills and sharpening their aim as you flow down the river channel!

After the water rides, board the spin cycle of the Lemon Twist! Climb into one of the nine spinning lemon cups as you revolve around a pitcher in the center. The Scrambler offers a similar type of fun, shuffling and spinning you around as you giggle and laugh. Kids and adults alike love the gentle up and down, round and round motion of the Amazing Flying Elephants. Get caught up in circles of fun as you ride the Busy Bees, Lucky Duck and Piggy Parade.

Do you have some future daredevils in your family? You won’t want to pass up on the opportunity to check out some of the more exciting rides that Dollywood has to offer! Enjoy a gentle free-fall from 25 feet in the air on the Lumberjack Lift or just hang out and enjoy the view from the top. Another daring ride is the Shooting Star, a ride that allows your legs to dangle as you ride to the top of the tower. A mild drop back to the ground will leave you wanting more!

Dollywood knows that even the little ones love roller coasters, so they have built a junior roller coaster suitable for children 36 inches and taller. There are plenty of hills and curves to satisfy your adrenaline craving as you race around the track. Kids can ride alone or with mom and dad!

After your thrill-seeking is over, take it easy and relive your childhood and ride one of the 60 painted animals on the Village Carousel. Whimsical music, a fun setting and a gentle rotation makes this ride fun for everyone in the whole family. Here you will see grandparents riding with their grandchildren as well as moms and dads taking their little ones for their first ever amusement park rides!

No park is complete without a playground, and luckily Dollywood will not disappoint you! Granny’s Garden and the Pig Pen offers jet-pop water fountains, soft play structures and plenty of places to run, climb and explore. The Lil’ Pilots Playground features a 22-foot wooden bi-plane, unique drum set and various other slides and structures for kids to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of kid-friendly rides when you visit Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! For more information about all of the rides that the park has to offer, please click here.