Fall Color Attractions in Pigeon Forge (Part 1)


Everyone knows about the breathtaking fall colors in the Smoky Mountains. The hues of red, orange, yellow and green take over the mountain slopes and turn Pigeon Forge, Tennessee into an autumn wonderland. We’re sure that you have stopped at the scenic overlooks, driven down the golden-hued roads and checked out the motor trails in the National Park, but have you ever been interested in some adrenaline pumping ways to see the fall colors?

Pigeon Forge is home to dozens of attractions for thrill seekers that are sure to get your senses tingling. Suitable for everyone from first-timers to the experienced person who lives life on the edge, these activities are the ideal way to see fall color while experiencing the Smoky Mountains in a whole new way. So bring the kids, your friends and family and get ready to buckle up for an incredible and beautiful ride!

White Water Rafting
The water fun doesn’t stop when the temperatures begin to drop! Bundle up and get ready to experience the fall colors like never before. While the dam stops releasing water by Memorial Day, rafting companies still offer fall rafting trips on certain days. These trips usually vary depending on the amount of rainfall, so call your favorite rafting company to check before you make your reservation! You will love escaping the traffic of downtown and checking out the leaves from Little Pigeon River.

Horseback Riding
Embark on a once in a lifetime adventure and stroll the Smoky Mountains via horseback. Choose a ride that covers the mountain tops (or even a sunset ride!) and prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking fall colors you will see. Step away from the traffic, cell phones and noise to simply enjoy the peace in the Smoky Mountains. You will feel at one with the earth when you settle on the back of a slow and steady steed. From beginners to experienced riders, horseback riding stables in Pigeon Forge offer something for everyone!

Zip Lining
Imagine zipping through the red and orange treetops while dangling 100 feet above the ground. Sound exhilarating? Then you won’t want to pass up on an opportunity to zipline in Pigeon Forge! Possibly one of the best ways to view fall foliage, you will capture some incredible views as you embark on a one to three hour journey through the tree tops. Truly a breathtaking and exhilarating experience, your memories of zip lining during autumn will last a lifetime!

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