Festival of Nations – Spring Performers

As spring in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee comes in at full swing and Dollywood opens its doors for it’s new season a celebration will be taking place. Dollywood’s Festival of Nations features some of the most amazing entertainers from around the world. During this month long celebration of our nations you can enjoy various types of music, food, dance and art. The 2009 show for Dollywood’s Festival of Nations will feature Le Grand Cirque as it presents it’s presentation of Imagine. You will not believe your eyes in this show with a large cast of international acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, clowns and high wire artists that will amaze and entertain each visitor in Dollywood. With great athletic abilities, extravagant costumes, colorful lighting, and breathtaking feats this show will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Le Grand Cirque is not all that Dollywood will have to offer during the Festival of Nations. Many of the other specials performers are listed below.

1. Czech Pilsen Brass Band:
This all brass band shows a talented youth group from the Czech Republic. The musical traditions from the homeland of this group will shine through their performance.

2. Jennifer Roland Band:
Jennifer Roland is originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada and she has been entertaining audiences with her energetic fiddle playing for years. She is an award-winning musician with both traditional and original compositions.

3. Keona:
An instrumental trio that creates a unique sound with a different drum … the hang drum. Keona introduces this new drum to the audience and explains that it originated in Switzerland in 2000.

4. Atahualpa:
Atahualpa bridges the gap between Dollywood and Ecuador with a rhythmic blend that represents different areas of the Andes. Audiences will enjoy this group’s mixture of South American dance songs and contemporary music.

5. Calpulli Danza Mexicana:
These are some of Mexico’s most lively dancers and musicians. Calpulli will make a great return with a brand new, expanded show for the 2009 season. Sixteen performers will join together with bright costumes and well known music of the area.

6. Dainava:
This Folk Art group that got its name from Southern Lithuanian has a unique sound and will be using instruments like the skuduciai, kankles, and skrabalai as well as some more well known instruments in the states.

7. Royal Stilt walkers of Merchtem Belgium:
This group will take the ability to entertain just a little higher, with stilts. On stilts as tall as 12 feet these performers with amaze you with everything rhythmic beat from the cloggers and musicians.

8. Zambia Vocal Group:
The Zambian Vocal Group comes from different African tribes and together have a specific sound with a great message the ties us all together. The group’s ocopella performance is filled with traditional hymns and songs.

With a month long schedule of events planned there is no bad time to make a visit to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to enjoy the 2009 Festival of Nations. There are some great cabins in the area so make a call today and get your vacation planning started. Cabins are going quickly and Dollywood will soon start getting busy so do not wait. Start planning your Pigeon Forge, Tennessee vacation today!