Fruitful Vintage Personal Service

Taking a vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee should be full of fun and relaxation in a stress-free environment so why should you have to worry about anything … especially what you are cooking for a meal. That is why you turn to Fruitful Vintage Personal Chef service. From a romantic dinner together inside your cabin to a catered meal for a large group Chef Ray at Fruitful Vintage can prepare any meal for you.


You are probably thinking: “what is a personal chef and who needs one?” Well, we have those answers for you. A personal chef is a trained professional that will take care of all of your meal planning, shopping, and preparation. The personal chef will do all of the cooking inside your home, or Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin rental, and gives you a healthy meal without having to worry about eating fast food or take out. A personal chef is a perfect idea for anyone that does not have the time or special skill to cook a fabulous meal while you are on vacation. Most clients love the idea of a personal chef while on vacation because it adds extra time for more fun and less stress in to your busy schedule. Your own personal chef comes to your home or cabin rental for a consultation and package plans and dates are discussed. On the day of the scheduled cooking the meal is prepared and stored in a disposable container that is placed in your refrigerator with reheating instructions. Your meals can either be placed in the freezer or your refrigerator depending on how long you are wanting to wait to eat your meal.


With a personal chef inside your cabin there are several special benefits you will receive. By having personal chef cook your meals inside your cabin rental you will save time, eat more healthy, can have a wonderful dinner at home and it will give you plenty of freedom from stress. Paying for a personal chef is top notch idea if you are wanting to have a romantic dinner for two or if you need catering for your large group renting a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


If you are coming to the area for a long vacation and you want to make extra time for yourself and friends then call Fruitful Vintage Personal Chef Service after you book your cabin with Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin rentals.