New Sky Wheels Coming To Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge just received approval to erect two giant sky wheels by Spring of 2013. The city of Pigeon Forge has granted two companies – The Island at Pigeon Forge and 360 Smokies. The wheels would stand less than a mile away from one another – one at Smoky Drive and the other at Community Center Drive.

The incredible wheels are similar to structures that are already set up in Kansas and Myrtle Beach, Florida. The wheels will be similar to a typical Ferris wheel, only much taller and more extravagant! The structures will tower 200 feet in the air, well over the size of most structures already standing in Pigeon Forge.

The rides will have individual gondolas for passengers to enjoy. The gondolas will be air conditioned and fully enclosed, ensuring safety and comfort on every ride. The gondolas will each sit 2 to 6 people, or up to 1,300 pounds – plenty of space for you and your whole family!

Each ride will last about 10 to 12 minutes. The wheel will spin four times, ensuring that you get a glimpse of all of Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas. The view from the top will be incredible – to put it into perspective, the ride is half the height of the Gatlinburg Space Needle…that’s really high!

One of the sky wheels will even offer a special VIP package for those looking for an extra-luxurious experience. The VIP flight will seat up to four people (perfect for a group of couples!) and will feature leather bucket seats and a television. The VIP Experience will also include a champagne bucket and VIP t-shirt! And of course, you want some time to enjoy your experience, so the package also includes a double flight.

The attraction off Community Center Drive has even bigger plans for the seven acre plot of land that they purchased for the sky wheel. They plan to build a log flume water ride, an animated fountain, a small roller coaster and a restaurant. There are even talks of building an amphitheater for concerts!

Stay tuned here for more updates and developments!