Best Pancake Houses in Pigeon Forge

Pancakes are to Pigeon Forge as Philly cheese steaks are to Philadelphia. This down-south tradition is a favorite with many visiting families. Kids love pancakes, and how could you not? The fluffy circles of delicious batter topped with the topping of your choice are melt in your mouth delicious!
Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore, either. Whether you top them with maple syrup and a side of eggs, a fresh fruit, or even chocolate chips and whipped cream, pancakes make for a delicious meal any time of day. Check out these Pigeon Forge pancake houses and stop by on your next vacation for a bite your taste buds will love!
Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin
Flapjack’s founder Brent Collier never imagined his brainchild would eventually serve more than 5 million hungry mouths! On a hike early one Smoky Mountain morning, Collier happened across an old log cabin homestead that reminded him of his grandmother’s famous pancakes. Collier embarked on an adventure to serve made from scratch, country style breakfasts to the people of the Smoky Mountains. Try their peanut butter and banana pancakes or their cabin French toast for a breakfast that will leave you coming back for more!
This pancake house has been a family favorite for years. One reviewer even drove seven hours to visit this restaurant…just for breakfast! This pancake house is always busy, but don’t worry – even if there’s a wait, they’re sure to get you seated almost immediately! Try their pigs in a blanket, which are sausage links wrapped in their delicious pancakes, or Caribbean pancakes, which are banana pancakes topped with bananas, nuts, coconut and powdered sugar – yum!
Red Rooster Pancake House
Arguably one of Pigeon Forge’s best, this pancake house offers great service and reasonable prices. The roomy interior and huge variety of pancakes make this restaurant stand apart from the rest. This pancake house even makes for a great dessert place! Try their chocolate éclair pancakes, which have Bavarian cream layered in between a stack of three buttermilk pancakes, then drizzled with rich chocolate and powdered sugar. Not in the mood for chocolate? Try their bacon waffle, which is, you guessed it, strips of bacon cooked right inside a Belgium waffle! This is a Pigeon Forge treat that you won’t want to moss.