Pigeon Forge, TN weather

Pigeon Forge, TN has become a popular place to go on vacations. It is within driving distance for 1/3 of the country so no wonder it’s attracting so much tourism. People travel to Pigeon Forge at all times of the year and one of the most popular questions is, “What will the weather be like?”. Nobody wants to be unprepared for the weather.
If you’ll be visiting between December and February then you’ll be coming during winter weather. Whenever you hear the word “winter” most people tend to think of heavy jackets, sweaters and scarves. However, sometimes the temperature can be in the lower 70’s. Don’t let that get you down if you’re wanting winter weather though. The mountains do have snow on the tops sometimes and you could even walk out your front door and see snow on the ground. Weather in Pigeon Forge can get tricky. If you come during those months be sure you pack a heavy jacket but also leave some room in that suitcase for blouses that aren’t so heavy as well.
Springtime is a popular time for visiting. People want a Spring Break and many are starting to take their trip to the mountains as opposed to the beaches. When you hear the word “spring” don’t automatically assume you can get by with the same clothing that would work for a beach trip. The weather is all over the place between the spring months of March, April and May. Days can be warm and nights could get cool. April showers do bring May flowers so some days are rainier than others. Snow has even been known to fall in the month of March as well. Daytime temperatures can range from the mid-80’s and nights could go down as low as low-30’s. We suggest bringing a light jacket on your trip as well as jeans or pants in case you experience a cooler day.
June, July and August are considered the summer months. As you can imagine these months will be the warmest months for your travels. It is hot and humid during the months and temperature ranges from the 90’s down to the 50’s. More outdoor activities can be taken advantage of during the summer because the weather isn’t too extreme. Lighter clothes are suggested and if you get cold easily then a light jacket for the nighttime could be a good thing to bring. Swimming pools are open and outdoor rocking chairs are more enjoyable at this time.
Fall months are considered to be September, October and November. September starts getting cooler at night but a light jacket will do you fine. Temperatures do start decreasing in October with the end of October starting to show signs of “Old Man Winter” coming to Pigeon Forge. Long sleeves are suggested at this time. Don’t be shocked if you visit in November and get a glimpse of snow. The colder temperatures for this month can make snow happen. The weather is still comfortable for shorts at the beginning of fall but by the time November rolls around you’ll be grabbing for your jacket.
This article is a good reference for temperature and weather conditions for the different seasons. A more accurate website is weather.com. They have more up to date weather and is a reliable source. Don’t forget to book your Pigeon Forge cabin rental during the season that seems more appealing to you and your travel companion(s).