It’s Time to Plan Your Spring Break. Look to the Smokies!

Stuck with the winter blues? Studies show planning a vacation can help alleviate those somber moods, and you want to get a jump on all the best deals. So, it’s time to plan your spring break! Here’s the thing, though; skip the overcrowded beaches loaded with college freshmen and take a vacation that offers you more for your money. More ways to relax, more fun things to do, and more bang for your buck when it comes to your accommodations. Where is this fantastic destination? A Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin in the Smoky Mountains! You can still swim and enjoy waterside relaxation without sand getting into every crevice and so much more.

I love the ocean, but the mountains are what sing to my soul. I can choose just how many other tourists I come into contact with, there are plenty of ways to have fun that are incredibly cheap (compared to ocean-related activities like boating and parasailing), and the terrains vary throughout the area, from lush forestry with babbling streams to giant rock formations like Alum Cave in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So, here are the steps to planning your dream spring break that is great for families, young couples, and groups of college friends.

  1. Picking out a cabin
    There are 3 things to take into consideration when choosing the right cabin for you: size, location, and amenities. If you don’t care about having a private room for each guest, which is especially true of Spring Breaking families and college friends, you can really save some money on accommodations. Don’t let the number of bedrooms fool you, many of our 1-2 bedroom cabins boast room for up to 6-10 guests with king and queen-size beds, bunk beds, and sleeper sofas. A tip for families: propose a shared vacation with friends which cuts cost and it supplies the kids with friends for constant entertainment!

    As far as location goes, it depends on the kind of vacation you want in the Smoky Mountains. If you are planning on playing board games from home, taking advantage of your cabin’s amenities, bringing your own outdoor games like cornhole and ladders, and cooking in the cabin, it isn’t so important to book a cabin close to the downtown Parkway of Pigeon Forge. However, if you are saving money on a cabin to visit Dollywood, shop at The Island, and tour the Parkway, there are many Pigeon Forge cabins within walking distance to the Parkway and Fun Time Trolley stops!

    Lastly, the amenities. When you save money by booking early and sharing bedrooms, why not pick out a cabin with awesome extras like indoor pools, game-packed rec rooms, hot tubs with incredible mountain views, and in-cabin theaters?

  2. Meal planning
    One of my biggest vices when vacationing is overspending on food. It’s really easy to do when there are so many mouthwatering menus tempting you along the Parkway. I’m not saying don’t visit the excellent eateries around Pigeon Forge –because you almost need to try Flapjack’s pancakes and The Old Mill’s savory Southern cuisine – but don’t return home with any regrets. Plus, with your cabin’s fully loaded kitchen just footsteps away and always accessible, take advantage of cooking in someone else’s kitchen! Make a list of meals for your vacation and include some easy meals like sandwiches, soups, and pastas. Many cabins include a grill for you to host a spring break cookout that are super budget friendly.
  3. Getting around
    While carpooling is a given, I did not fully discover the greatness of Pigeon Forge Fun Time Trolley until recently. You can park and ride from their offices behind Patriot Park, where you can pick up your all-day access bracelet for only $2.50 per person, or take a $.50 ride from the stop nearest to your cabin and walk the downtown area. The bracelet is a fantastic deal, though, because there are over 200 stops among 4 routes, one taking riders on a scenic route all the way to Gatlinburg where you can hop onto their Trolley for some more change. Skip paying for gas to and from every attraction, jockeying for a parking spot, and navigating the oftentimes heavy traffic of the Parkway.
  4. Fun activities and springtime Smoky Mountain events
    There is SO much to do in the Great Smoky Mountains. The head of tourism for Pigeon Forge explains that this is why visitors to Pigeon Forge are most often repeat visitors; there is just too much to do in one trip and there are constantly new events and attractions popping up.

    In fact, among the outdoor activities, family attractions, shopping, and events, it would be an overload of information to include in this easy 4-step guide. So, below are informational pages detailing each activity for you to plan according to what you want to do!

Take a break from exams and papers, get the kids out of the house, and shirk a few responsibilities back home and get rejuvenated while having tons of fun in the Great Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge!