5 Reasons You Should Plan a Budget-Friendly Vacation


Sometimes it can be fun to splurge a little. It’s nice to pamper yourself, especially on vacation, with delicious meals, down time, and shopping. Typically, when you think of these things, you think of fancy restaurants, high-end spas, and boutique stores. But in Pigeon Forge, you can splurge and save at the same time! You can do all the things you love on vacation without killing your wallet. In fact, a budget-friendly vacation has its perks. Trying to vacation on a budget makes you think outside the box, often taking you to new places and allowing you to meet new people and try new things. And because Pigeon Forge is a town that caters to families, many of its attractions, shops, and restaurants fit a wide range of budgets. Some people may look at planning a budget-friendly vacation as a sacrifice, but I actually believe it can sometimes be the best way to travel. Why? Well…

It forces you to be creative.
When you don’t have unlimited funds, you have to think creatively about what you’re going to do. You’ll look for online discounts, spend an afternoon cooking up new recipes, or come up with new games with the kids. It will probably take you out of your comfort zone, and you’ll find yourself opening up creative outlets you didn’t know you had. You may even try new things you wouldn’t have thought of before.

You won’t go home to a big bill.
One of the biggest stresses of vacation is the money spent. From food and entertainment to lodging and souvenirs, it’s easy to rack up a big bill that you have to pay off once you get back from vacation. It’s not really the way you want to wrap up a great week away. Or you may spend months saving up for a big vacation, scrimping on a lot of things along the way. Instead, plan a budget-friendly vacation. You can keep some of that hard-earned money, but you’ll still have enough to enjoy a great vacation. When you get back, you’ll have only the great memories you made to think about.

You’ll explore new places.
As you search for budget-friendly attractions and restaurants, you’ll run across some new places. You’ll probably find those out-of-the-way attractions, charming hole-in-the-wall restaurants (which always have the best food!), and great free events! Your vacation will be that much more memorable, because you won’t be visiting the attractions and places that always first come to mind. Of course, if you’ve planned a budget-friendly vacation, you’ll have some extra cash to splurge a little on your favorite Pigeon Forge place, be it a restaurant, shop, or attraction.

You’ll learn more about each other.
In attempting to save some cash, you’ll probably spend a little more time around the cabin. In doing this, you’ll be spending more time with the family and friends you traveled with. You’ll play games, tell stories, reminisce, and probably learn a lot more about each other. It will allow for that quality time you so often miss out on when you have so many other distractions.

You might beat the crowds.
A big part of your vacation budget will be your accommodations. Luckily, we have some great budget-friendly Pigeon Forge cabins with great locations and great amenities! And in planning where you will stay, you’ll also have to think about when you will stay. That’s where another perk of the budget-friendly vacation comes into play. Traveling during off seasons is a great way to save money. Cabins typically offer lower rates in non-peak seasons. It also means that there probably won’t be as many tourists in town, so you won’t be fighting as much traffic or as many crowds during your time in town. If you still want to travel during a busy season, try planning your vacation for weekdays instead of weekends. That may also help you beat the crowds and save a few bucks.