Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament 2012

The biannual Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament brings fisherman and their families from far and wide to participate in the two-day event that awards more than $10,000 dollars in cash and prizes.  This year, the tournament will be held Saturday April 7th and Sunday April 8th, 2012. The event begins at sunrise, so pack your fishing pole and get ready to catch “the big one!”

The 13th Annual Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament is fun for everyone – adults, kids, locals as well as tourists. Even if you’ve never set a hook, you will enjoy the exciting trout weigh-ins and energy of all the happy children participating in the tournament. The trout weigh-ins take place daily at Pigeon Forge’s Patriot Park – on Saturday at 4:00PM and Sunday at 2:00PM!

The best part of this event is, of course, the plentiful trout! Twenty miles of Pigeon Forge streams are stocked with more than 5,000 trout two days prior to this event! This ensures that everyone has a fish to catch and that no one will leave disappointed, especially the children!

Prizes for this event include: $500 dollars for the largest trout, $500 dollars for the smallest trout, gift certificates, trophies, fishing equipment, hotel accommodations, amusement park passes and much more! This is the largest trout tournament in the Smokies and draws fisherman from all over!

Registration for this event is $25 dollars for one day and $45 for both Saturday and Sunday. Divisions include: adult, children, tourist and local.

Tourists who are interested in entering the tournament must acquire a non-resident fishing license. Children ages 0-12 do not require a license for any type of fishing. Children ages 13-15 may purchase a Junior License, which is $9.00 for the year. Adults may purchase a 3-Day License for $33.50, or, if you visit Pigeon Forge frequently and plan to fish often, an annual license for $81.00.

Rocky Top Outfitters is the sponsor of the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament. To register for the tournament or for more information, please visit their website: