Surviving Holiday Vacations with your Family


Families come from far and wide to spend the holiday season in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Whether visiting family, friends or just taking a much needed Christmas vacation, Pigeon Forge is the perfect place for a holiday retreat. However, while we may love our family members unconditionally, long-distance travels and week-long vacations can often strain even the closest of relationships.

We want to make your holiday vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee the most pleasant and fun it can be! Our blog below offers helpful tips and hints on how to survive the holiday travel with your family. From the babies to the grandparents, we want to ensure everyone has a relaxing and memorable time in Pigeon Forge!

Map out your travel plans to a “t!”
Because nothing will ruin the groove of your trip faster than a three-hour sit in standstill traffic. Check local traffic reports and interstate updates – keep an eye out for construction or accidents that may derail your estimated time of arrival. Smartphones and navigation systems have made it fairly easy to re-route your original plan if you happen to stumble upon an unannounced incident. Pull off the road and replan your route as early as possible.

Stop to grab a bite to eat.
Everyone gets a little cranky when it starts creeping past dinner time, so ensure you plan for adequate time to stop and fill your bellies. Stock the car (or your carry on, if you’re flying) with easy to eat, car-friendly finger foods. Nuts, apples and peanut butter sandwiches will keep you full for longer, while lollipops and mints are the perfect time-passers on long car trips.

Arrive early.
Because, again, nothing will kill your travel groove faster than arriving to your destination and then having to wait an hour in line just to check in. The holidays are always a busy time in hotels, and many places accumulate long lines on peak dates, such as New Year’s Eve or the eve of Christmas Eve. Rent a Pigeon Forge TN Cabin and avoid all check-in hassle – just call once you’re there! There’s no need to stop by the office to sign paperwork or pick up a key.

Reset your expectations.
Don’t plan your vacation with perfection in mind. There are always bumps in the road on family vacations, do don’t expect yours to be any different! Keep a happy attitude and remember to take a deep breath when your family members begin to strain your nerves. The holiday season is made to spend time with family, so remember to treasure your holiday family vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!