Titanic’s 2nd Annual Christmas in a Winter Wonderland


Every year since I was a child, I have asked for the same thing for Christmas. Snow! Unfortunately, Santa can’t always promise me that, so some years I get my wish, and some years I don’t. But this year, there is one place that can guarantee I will see that fluffy, white dream of mine during the holidays. Pigeon Forge’s Titanic Museum Attraction, for the second year in a row, will have real snow at its Christmas in a Winter Wonderland event. Using the same state-of-the-art equipment that is used at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom each year at Christmas, the Titanic Museum Attraction will create beautiful, falling snow all around the exhibit.

Every detail of the original Titanic was made in grand scale, and the Titanic replica in Pigeon Forge is no different. November 25th and 26th, and December 3rd, 10th, and 17th, the attraction will be decorated inside and out in Edwardian-era fashion for the holiday season. Christmas trees and glittering lights will greet you as you say happy holidays to the merry Titanic crew and tour the incredible ship.

Christmas in a Winter Wonderland is, “dedicated to honoring and celebrating the lives of the 2,208 passengers and crew of the Titanic.” Co-owner Mary Kellogg-Joslyn has invested $150,000 for all the equipment needed for a spectacular snowfall, and an additional $100,000 on all of the trees, lights and decorations. “Everything about our Christmas in a Winter Wonderland Celebration is aimed at giving our visitors and their families a unique, memorable holiday experience. A memory that will last forever –and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?”

Visit www.titanicpigeonforge.com for information on ordering tickets, merchandise, real Titanic passengers, and hours of operation.