Toyota donates $1,000,000 to the Smoky Mountain National Forest!

Toyota has made a commitment to help the environment by making 5 million dollars in donations to 5 different national parks across the United States. The Great Smokey National Park is most visited national park in the United States and the proud recipient of a 1 million donation and 3 new hybrid cars as of June 26, 2008. This donation was made in support of raising environmental awareness. The money will go to a program designed for k-12 students, teachers and families who will have the opportunity to learn science through new science education programs. These programs are now being developed with the new funding. Some programs are being enhanced and other programs are new specializing programs in getting children to become interested in professions in the science department. The classrooms will be updated with new computer programs and a face lift. The teachers will also have an opportunity to find new and better curriculum to use in the classroom.

Most of the focus on has been on the elementary students in the past. However, this new grant from Toyota is going to allow the program for 13 year olds and up to expand and become more successful. Since the statistics are showing a growing number of Americans, especially young people, having a lack of knowledge and care for the environment this program is going to be important by keeping the generations educated.

The Great National Smoky Mountain Forest welcomes it guest year after year. They love seeing the visitors and educating them and allowing them to see and explore the forest themselves. So when you come to visit Pigeon Forge, TN and the forest please remember not to litter and take care of the environment. This forest not only belongs to the people to of Pigeon Forge and the people of the state of Tennessee but it belongs to our nation and then the world as we as humans as responsible for taking care the earth that God put us on.

If you want to check out the national forest website they have a lot of information on activities and trails available for Pigeon Forge Visitors. With thousands of acres available just minuets from your pigeon forge cabin this is something you will not want to miss out on!!! If you have any questions please let us know, hopefully we can help you out!