Trip Insurance – Do I Really Need It??


After months of hard school and work, the stress of the holidays and dreary weather, you and your family decide that you’re ready to plan for a vacation. You begin your search for your Pigeon Forge cabin rental, sifting through dozens of cabins and to select the one that is just perfect for you and your family. You want to ensure every step of your vacation is planned to the “t,” don’t you? Well, when you make your reservation, you don’t want to forget to purchase trip insurance!

What is trip insurance, you ask? Trip insurance, also known as travel insurance, can be purchased for a fee of 9.5 percent of your rental cost. It can be purchased online when you make your reservation, or over the phone when you call us at 1-866-513-7885. Why should you purchase it? You’re about to find out!

Trip insurance covers all or part of the cost of your vacation in the case of a cancellation, interruption, or delay of your getaway. Trip insurance is a great way to give you some peace of mind when it comes to unexpected problems that may arise with your vacation. You’ve invested lots of time and money picking the perfect vacation cabin, so why risk your expenses on events that are out of your control?

Trip insurance covers in the event of a sickness or death of a vacation group member. It also covers your cost in the event of a mandatory evacuation, such as a hurricane. Traffic accidents, airplane delays, theft of passport, job termination and more.

In case of vacation cancellation or interruption, 100 percent of your reservation cost will be covered. If your trip is delayed by more than 12 hours, trip insurance will cover up to $600 dollars of your cost. Travel insurance also covers emergency medical transportation up to $50,000 dollars if a person in your vacation group becomes sick or injured.

In addition, travel insurance offers a 24-hour hotline to provide you with immediate assistance for things such as: nurse help, legal referral, emergency cash transfer, emergency prescription refill, pre-trip travel advice, lost baggage tracking and more!

Travel insurance also covers up to $20,000 dollars in the event of the identity theft while on vacation, including contacting credit card companies and providing coverage costs.

It is important to remember that Pigeon Forge TN Cabins has little to no control over many of the unfortunate circumstances and accidents that cause our guests to cancel vacations. We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to make sure those bumps in the road don’t end your anticipation of vacationing to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!