Winter Hiking in the Smoky Mountains


There are many different trails to hike and explore in the Smoky Mountains. Before you head out, make sure that you are prepared for both hiking and the chance of inclement weather. There are three main trails that would be excellent hiking options due to their length as well as scenic beauty. We have some suggested tips that you may find helpful as well as

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful and remarkable natural attraction that you must see while you are visiting the Smoky Mountains. During the winter months, this waterfall is especially beautiful because the frigid temperatures and frozen water create a picturesque wonderland of ice. This waterfall is less than a six-mile hike, with only moderately difficult terrain. Another beautiful natural site is the Laurel Falls Trail! This particular trail is only 2.9 miles from the famous mountain fire tower. Even though this tower is now closed to the public, you can visit and take pictures here! This trail is a mere 1.3 miles of paved trail (one way), and the waterfall has an 85-foot drop as well as views of Blanket Mountain! The last suggested place to hike is to the five-mile Alum Cave Bluff Trail. This trail heads up Mount LeConte, which is the tallest mountain in the far Southeast. The bluff of the mountain is 4, 950 feet in elevation. Keep an eye out for Inspiration Point and Arch Rock.

Winter hiking tips
There are several safety issues that you will want to be mindful of while hiking during winter in the Smoky Mountains. It is very cold this time of year, and the weather is very unpredictable in the mountains. Make sure you pack things to keep you warm and dry in case of inclement weather. I would suggest looking up the 10-day forecast to get an adequate gauge of how the weather will be while you hike. Packing snacks as well as plenty of water is something you will definitely want to do. Make sure you leave no trash behind and that you securely pack your snacks to protect them from critters. Along with protecting your food, be sure to protect your skin. Sunscreen is always a great idea, along with a small first aid kit and cell phone. You may not have service, but it’s good to have it just in case of an emergency.

When hiking in an unfamiliar place, it is important to always stay on the trail, read signs, and keep an eye out for memorable landmarks. Pets are not allowed to accompany hikers on trails due to wildlife safety (for yourself and the animals); always be alert of wildlife. Bear pepper spray is effective for the chance of an impending bear attack.

Our cabins are always a great choice for a Smoky Mountain getaway. Make sure to give us a call when you are planning your next vacation! They’ll provide a comfortable place to kick up your feet after a day of winter hiking in the Smoky Mountains!