Zorb in Pigeon Forge TN – A Ride to Remember


Zorb Smokies has closed since this article was written

The Zorb in Pigeon Forge is a thrilling adventure! When driving into Pigeon Forge you will see a large plastic ball on either side of the road labeled “Zorb”. While a lot of people have tried the Zorb there are still many people who have yet to take their first leap of faith in the big round ball that takes you for a ride you’ll never forget.

The Zorb in Pigeon Forge is actually an attraction that first opened in New Zealand. The concept is simple, fun, and modern. When walking into the office one feels like they’re in a thrill only zone. TV’s displaying Zorb rides don the walls in the Pigeon Forge office and staff members are ready to inform you of the thrill of the ride.

The Pigeon Forge Zorb ride consists of getting into a big round ball. Once in a staff member takes the only logical next step. He zips the ball closed and pushes you down the mountain. Okay, the term mountain is a bit extreme. Actually the Zorb campus has three different tracks that have been carved out of a hill. Riders can choose which ride they prefer.

Not only are there several tracks to choose from at the Pigeon Forge Zorb location, there are also several ride types to choose from. The first involves being strapped in to a harness so that the rider takes the same rotation that the ball does. They tumble head over heels down the mountain. The second ride involves the ball being filled with about three inches of water and then the rider jumping in with the water. This is a free for all. The rider tumbles down and takes crazy splashes and spills with the water inside of the ball. This ride can be taken solo, or with another person.

What a thrill! The staff members at the Pigeon Forge Zorb campus are well informed and seem to believe in the thrill of the ride. If you want to find out more about riding the Zorb you can give their office a call at (865) 428-2422. Or, take a look at their website found at www.Zorb.com/Smoky.

Pigeon forge is a blast for families. It’s a great chance for people to have fun. If you are coming to Pigeon Forge and would like details on staying at a cabin please let us know. You can give us a call at 1-866-513-7885 or you can browse our website.

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