10 Must-Haves for Your Pigeon Forge Vacation


So, you’ve booked the cabin. You’ve researched must-see Pigeon Forge attractions, and you’ve finalized travel plans with your family. All you have left to do is pack. Well, that’s where we’d like to help! We’ve come up with our top 10 must-haves for those planning a trip to Pigeon Forge. Whatever else you throw in your suitcase, make sure you at least have these, and you’re guaranteed to have an incredibly enjoyable time!

  1. Hiking boots. Almost every person who travels to Pigeon Forge spends at least one day in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With more than 800 miles of trails, you’re going to wish you had those hiking boots if you forget to pack them in your suitcase. So we’ve got that on the top of our list.
  2. Rain jacket. A poncho, a windbreaker, or any other light rain jacket will be your new best friend when you’re out in the park or walking downtown and a summer rain blows in unexpectedly. Especially when you’re out on the trails, you’re going to want a quick way to protect yourself from the elements.
  3. Sunscreen. Whether you’re walking around the national park, Dollywood, or some other outdoor attraction in Pigeon Forge, sunscreen is absolutely essential to protecting your skin and staying safe while you’re in the sun. Don’t leave this behind, and don’t forget to apply before you head out in the mornings!
  4. Sandals/water shoes. Pigeon Forge is full of places to enjoy the water—from Dollywood’s Splash Country to swimming holes in the national park. You can also plan a whitewater rafting trip or many other outdoor water adventures while you’re in the Smokies. So bring your sandals—with a strap around the heel. (You don’t want to lose them in the water!)
  5. Bathing suit. This might seem obvious, but more than one visitor has accidentally left their bathing suit at home. And with all the Pigeon Forge water adventures as well as the outdoor hot tubs and community pool access that come with many of our cabins, that’s a piece of clothing you’re not going to want to forget!
  6. Walking shoes. Whether you’re strolling around Dollywood or checking out one of the many specialty shops in downtown Pigeon Forge, you’re going to need some good, comfortable walking shoes. A trip to the Smokies is all about enjoying the great outdoors on your own two feet!
  7. Toilet paper. Although our cabins come with two toilet paper rolls per bathroom, it’s always wise to bring some extra just in case. This is a quick item to throw in the back of your car and one you won’t regret having a few more than you need.
  8. Extra towels. Again, our cabins do provide towels (two towels per person), but this may not be enough if you are planning an extended stay. And definitely if you’re planning on swimming or going to a water park, bring some extra beach towels for your family to use.
  9. Snacks. Need we say more? Traveling makes you hungry, and it’s MUCH cheaper to bring snacks with you than to load your arms at the convenience store. It’s also nice to have snacks in the cabin for the days you decide to stay in and watch a movie on your flat screen or play a round of pool in the rec room.
  10. Games. Many of our cabins come with their own options for fun and games. From pool and foosball tables to old-fashioned arcades, our cabins have it all! But don’t let that stop you from bringing your own favorite games to play in the evenings or on rainy days when you’re stuck indoors. Games are also great to have in the car when you’re tired of hearing “Are we there yet?” every few minutes!

Of course, if you forget any of these items while packing for your Pigeon Forge vacation, you can pick up any or all of them at one of the stores in the area. There are lots of shops offering the water essentials, and you’ll find several great stores that will provide all the gear you need for hiking.