Top 15 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in the Smokies

Always looking for the perfect pic to post on Instagram? From sweet treats and heaping plates of food to awesome mountain views and great local attractions, the Smoky Mountains area has tons of Instagram-worthy spots. Here are our 15 most instagrammable spots in the Smokies (plus a few bonuses).

At The Sinks
Whether you’re dipping your toes in the pools downriver or soaking in the sun from the rocks above, The Sinks (along Little River Road) is definitely Instagram worthy. Large boulders jut out from each side, the greenery along the water is lush, and the colors of the river rocks pop when the sun hits the cool, clear waters just right.

On the bridge at Laurel Falls
The 80-foot-high Laurel Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls (and hikes) in the area, offering plenty of mountain laurel blooming along the trail (especially in May). It’s split into an upper and lower section, and the bridge with log rails running between the two sections is the perfect spot for an Instagram shot.

In front of the Cantilever Barn
This 19th-century barn is a unique architectural piece, with an upper level that’s larger than its base. It’s a favorite spot for many who visit Cades Cove, and with the Smoky Mountain hills rolling in the distance, it’s a great pick for an Instagram photo.

With the “Mount Rushmore” celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum
You can’t miss them as you drive down the Parkway: John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin on a larger-than-life scale. The “Mount Rushmore” really is huge, so you’ll have to stand in the parking lot to snap a selfie with all their heads in the shot. This instagrammable spot is worth it though!

In front of The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel
You might think we’d suggest getting a photo at the top of the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel at The Island (and those views are awesome), but our favorite place for an Instagram picture here is at the base of the wheel. Stand at the entrance and shoot from below, and you’ll have an awesome shot with the bright blue sky as your backdrop.

In the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery
A rustic wood bar with an impressive (and colorful) lineup of moonshine in mason jars makes for an Instagram-worthy photo in Gatlinburg’s Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery tasting room. Or get a shot in front of the classic car or of yourself rocking out to the live music outside in the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler.

At the top of the Gatlinburg Space Needle
With 360-degree views of the Smoky Mountains (and the city) from 400 feet in the air, an Instagram selfie at the top of the Gatlinburg Space Needle is a must.

On the Scenic Chairlift at Ober Gatlinburg
A $7 ride will give you amazing views of the Smokies and Ober Gatlinburg below, and the cozy seat for 2 is perfect for a couple’s Instagram shot.

On a Scenic Helicopter Tour
Get a shot of yourself with your headphones on, or snap a great pic of your amazing view – framed by the windows of the helicopter – on an up-high tour of the Smokies.

Your back deck
Many of our cabins boast incredible Smoky Mountain views, so your cabin’s back deck can be the most instagrammable spot you’ll find!

Your plate at Dixie Stampede
A hearty 4-course meal of chicken, potatoes, and plenty of other Southern staples is an Instagram-worthy shot.

The fountain at The Village Shops
This charming fountain in the center of The Village Shops in downtown Gatlinburg is a great spot for an Instagram photo. And if you’re here in winter, you may luck out catch it completely frozen!

Pulled taffy at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen
Watching taffy being freshly pulled is a must when you’re in the Smokies. The taffy pullers are dressed in old-time duds, or you can get a picture of the piles of candy you buy inside!

Your scoop at The Old Mill Creamery
Who doesn’t love an Instagram shot of a super sweet ice cream cone? I know I’ve posted more than I care to admit. At The Old Mill Creamery, get your collage app ready. You’ll want a picture of your creamy scoop, ice cream sandwich, or heaping bowl, along with the chalkboard menu and lineup of toppings.

Abrams Falls
Abrams Falls is only 20 feet high, but the volume of water it produces is impressive. The white water rushing over the falls, the greenery around, the exposed rock…it all adds up to an Instagram-worthy photo.

Just 15 places don’t begin to cover the amazing places for Instagram-worthy photos in the Smokies. We could go on and on, but here are just a few more ideas…

  • The top of Mt.LeConte
  • Clingmans Dome observation tower
  • Desserts (like caramel apples and candy-covered rice krispy treats) at Kilwin’s
  • Your toes propped up on your cabin’s hot tub
  • Up-close shots of wildflowers in Cades Cove