2013 Spring Rod Run – Pigeon Forge TN


The coming of Spring means that it’s time for the annual Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run! This year, the event will be help April 19th, 20th and 21st at the former Grand Hotel on the Pigeon Forge strip. Located at traffic light #6, the annual Rod Run is fun for both young and old, car enthusiasts and onlookers alike!

The Grand Hotel was recently sold and is currently undergoing serious renovations. The long-time home of the Rod Run, the property is spending $10 million to upgrade the hotel for future Rod Runs and events! The hotel is expected to reopen in time for the Fall Rod Run in September. (Pigeon Forge TN Cabins is always happy to house Rod Run guests as well!)

Vendors, participants and Rod Run goers used to staying at the property will have to look for other accommodations during their trip while the hotel finishes up renovations. If you need a place to stay for this year’s Rod Run, make sure you check out our cabins!

This year’s Rod Run is expanding, adding more vendor spaces, a larger sales corral area and more hot rods than ever before! This year holds one of the largest prize pool ever – more than $8000 in cash will be given away to car show participants. Rod Run is the largest car show in Pigeon Forge, drawing in thousands of visitors and participants into the mountain town to enjoy the sounds and sights of classic cars.

Rod Run isn’t only limited to cars, however! Trucks, school busses, motorcycles and more will also be there to add some variety to the display of hot rods. Pigeon Forge is a perfect place to take a scenic cruise. With the beautiful Smoky Mountains, curvy roads and peaceful Cades Cove, there’s no better place to relax and cruise than the Great Smoky Mountains.

Contestants and vendors will begin arriving in Pigeon Forge on the Tuesday of that week and will pack the Parkway by the time the event begins that Friday. Even those that don’t have a hot rod of their own can enjoy interactive displays, cool vendor booths and can marvel at the beautiful pieces of machinery.

If you will be visiting Pigeon Forge from April 19-21, 2013 and are not interested in viewing the hot rods, we have a word of advice – steer clear of the Pigeon Forge Parkway! The area is packed it sometimes takes hours to move through downtown. If you’re here for a vacation but would still like to explore the downtown, we recommend parking at the end of the strip and strolling up the road, trying the Pigeon Forge Trolley, or taking a back road to avoid traffic.

The 2013 Spring Rod Run is fun for all and we hope to see you there! To book your cabin for Rod Run please give Pigeon Forge TN Cabins a call at 1-866-513-7885.