Sweet Summer Days and Magical Summer Nights in Dollywood


Summertime is sweet, fun, and exciting in the Smoky Mountains! It really does not get much better than nights around a Pigeon Forge cabin’s outdoor fire pit, views of the starry skies from the hot tub, or napping in the cabin after a day of hanging out by the pool. Or does it? During your cabin summer vacation, you will definitely not want to miss out on everything Dolly Parton does to make summer even bigger and better in Dollywood!

After peaceful nights of relaxation and laid-back days in the cabin leaning back in the deck’s rocking chairs, feed your thirst for thrills and excitement in one stop at Dollywood during one of 5 major festivals hosted in the park annually. Bring your adventurous spirit, because there are tons of ways to enjoy your summer day in Dollywood. (Plus, if you buy your ticket to Dollywood after 3 p.m., you get in FREE the next day!)

Barbeque & Bluegrass | May 27 through June 10

Sponsored by none other than the pros of cookouts, Bush’s Baked Beans, Barbeque and Bluegrass celebrates a few of the South’s favorite summer pastimes: music, the outdoors, and barbeque! Catch your breath after flying down Daredevil Falls and racing around the curves of FireChaser Express by taking advantage of another perk of your Dollywood admission ticket- the FREE shows! Enjoy some world-renowned bluegrass and savory, finger-licking-good barbeque throughout the park in celebration of the kickoff to summer.

Musical performances bring the streets of Dollywood alive with Southern charm as banjos twang, violins hypnotize, and guitars strum rich chords that float through the air. Tap your feet and sing along, when your mouth isn’t full of delicious barbeque, that is!

Summer Celebration | June 16 through August 5

Dollywood gets right back to summer celebrations with unique musical performances in Pines Theater, DP’s Celebrity Theater, and throughout the park! The park stays open later to savor all those late summer nights before heading back to the cabin. Dollywood constantly has live shows throughout the day, along with 40 rides and a Bald Eagle Sanctuary where the kids can see the nation’s bird – up close! Visit the seasonal shows while they are around, because this year includes some of America’s best and most unique talent!

Dolly’s Nights of Many Colors
June 16 – August 5
Evening fireworks light up the sky over Dollywood each night of the summer, but as with most everything Dolly Parton does, it involves music! A magical show of flickering fireworks is synchronized to music to add to the excitement and theatrics as fiery bursts explode and fade in the dark night sky. After a full day of riding roller coasters, trying delicious treats and savory snacks, and enjoying hilarious and dazzling entertainment, end the day with a literal bang!

Drumline Live!
June 16 – July 4
DP’s Celebrity Theater
In celebration of the rich culture and music of historically black colleges, Drumline Live! is a dazzling show of incredible talent once only reserved for the football halftime. Watch perfectly synchronized musicians march, dance, and still manage to hit every note and every beat! Kids and adults will be mesmerized as eyes flutter from the trombone players to the quick hands rattling the quad-drums to the hypnotic moves of the dance team. Dollywood wants all the South’s musical history on display, so it would not be comprehensive without the sounds characteristic of the drumline that sometimes steals the whole show during football games!

Team iLuminate
July 7 – July 21
DP’s Celebrity Theater
Team iLuminate exploded onto one of the biggest stages in 2017 on America’s Got Talent, wowing the whole nation and the judges with their futuristic dance routines different from anything you have ever seen! Set against a dark stage, the dancers are not only great at executing moves, but they also do it on the completely lightless stage in coordination with one another that will leave you in awe. The only lights come from their futuristic blacklight and electronic costumes that work together to create alien-like lifeforms and beautiful, mesmerizing displays of neon bursts.

Paintjam featuring Ricardo Barazza
June 16 – August 5
Back Porch Theater
A large canvas rests on center stage and a curious-looking artist with a paintbrush spins the canvas and begins… dancing. As the spinning canvas keeps you hypnotized, the artist is splattering paint in what seems like random targets on the canvas while spinning and moving himself. Over halfway through the show, the art still resembles those paint blot cards used by therapists, when all of a sudden, the artist brings the canvas to a halt and an incredible painting of a car, a face, or another detailed figure is magically revealed! Art and entertainment come together in front of your eyes in a captivating display of talent and charisma. Spinning art is just one of many performances executed by Paintjam; visit the Back Porch Theater to see for yourself!