4 Things to Do Before You Leave Pigeon Forge


Last week you may have checked out our blog on things to do before you leave for your Pigeon Forge vacation. This week, we will be discussing some often overlooked things to do the morning you depart from your Smoky Mountain getaway! The weekend you just spent in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was relaxing and fun, and now you’re busy packing your bags for the trip back to your home sweet home. Aside from check-out tasks, what all could there be to do? Read on…

#1: Directions
Ensure that you have a printed copy of directions to get you home safely. GPS systems are not always reliable in the Smoky Mountains, in fact, we often advise against their use. In addition, signal strengths can often fade on the winding roads, leaving you driving in circles with no help from Siri!

#2: Check-out policies.
Your rental company provides you with a list of check-out tasks, so ensure that you complete all of them to avoid additional charges. Tasks may include taking out the trash, turning up the air, running the dishwasher, stripping the bedsheets or starting the washer. If you think your housekeeper did an outstanding job, you may also leave them a tip for their hard work.

#3: Sign the guest book.
Many cabins offer guest books for their visitors to sign – it’s a cool way to commemorate the time in your cabin rental! You will enjoy reading stories that guests from years past have written, and it’s a good memento to look back on if you vacation to the cabin annually.

#4: Do a clean sweep.
Particularly in the kids rooms! Check under beds, in drawers, bathroom cabinets and closets to ensure that all of your belongings return home with you. Most rental companies are great about sending forgotten items back to your home address, but are never responsible for lost items.

#5: Stop for breakfast.
After you check out of your cabin rental in the morning, stop your family by one of Pigeon Forge’s pancake houses for a breakfast on the road. It’s the most important meal of the day and will end your vacation on the right note.

We often joke that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation, so if you have time, plan for a short nap when you arrive back home. It will recharge your batteries from the drive and allow you to dream about the memories you created in your Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin rental!

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