8 Fun Ways to Start the New Year in Pigeon Forge


We make lots of resolutions at the start of each new year. We want to lose 15 pounds or pay off a credit card. We want to get back in the gym or finally read those books that have been on our shelves for years. Well, why not cut yourself a break and resolve to have some fun in 2016 instead?!

In fact, heading to Pigeon Forge for some fun times with the family might be just what the doctor ordered in the new year. According to the Mayo Clinic, the top three ways to reduce stress are to get active, laugh more, and connect with others. You can do all 3 with these exciting attractions in the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Catch a show at the Comedy Barn. If you’re looking for a place where you can have some big laughs in 2016, head to the Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge. For the past 20 years, the Comedy Barn has been home to hilarious shows with live music, magic tricks, juggling stunts, and even a few live pets. And they keep their comedy clean, so don’t be afraid to bring the kids along for a night of family fun at the Comedy Barn!
  2. Visit the RainForest Adventures Zoo. For a daytime activity that’s perfect for the whole family, take a trip to the RainForest Adventures Zoo in Sevierville, Tennessee. Animals have a way of inviting us to laugh and reminding us that it’s okay to play. The animals at this zoo are sure to do the same for you! Check out more than 600 live animals representing over 130 different species in this exciting attraction.
  3. Take a helicopter tour of the city. If you really want to take your new year adventure to new heights, try a helicopter tour of Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains with Scenic Helicopter Tours. They’ve been flying over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park since 1972, and they’ll be happy to take your family for a one-of-a-kind tour that is sure to wow even the toughest critic. Experience the beauty of the Smokies in a brand new way in 2016!
  4. Work your way through Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze. Connecting with family can be hard to do when we’re surrounded by life’s daily distractions. So bring your kids to Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze, where you will be forced to put your heads together in order to find your way out! (And don’t worry—they send search parties every half-hour if the winding maze of mirrors and lights becomes too much to handle!)
  5. Explore the exhibits at WonderWorks. This amazing attraction is filled with interactive exhibits that will spark your kids’ imaginations and reignite their love for learning. Maybe 2015 wasn’t their best year in school. Jumpstart them to better grades and a renewed interest in science, math, and art at WonderWorks.
  6. Spend the day at Rockin’ Raceway. When the weather is nice and you’re ready for some fun times outdoors, head to the Rockin’ Raceway on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. You’ll find a speedy go-kart track with hairpin turns that your kids (and—who are we kidding?—adults, too) will love! And when you’re ready to move indoors, check out the retro arcade inside Rockin’ Raceway with over 100 games!
  7. Practice your “mini” stroke at Lazer Port. Another fun activity you can enjoy even when the weather isn’t cooperating is a round of 18-hole mini golf at Lazer Port. This attraction features a blacklight mini golf course that’s sure to impress your kids as well as a go-kart track and 10,000-foot arcade room. You’ll find plenty of ways to have fun at Lazer Port!
  8. Be amazed at the Magic Spectacular show. If you’re looking for some jaw-dropping entertainment in Pigeon Forge, you need to check out the Magic Spectacular show with Steven and Cassandra Best. Featured on MTV, Fox, and NBC, these magicians have more than just a few tricks up their sleeves. Be amazed by their magical illusions, and be inspired to do something amazing yourself in the coming year—even something you never dreamed was possible!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make 2016 full of laughter, family, and fun. Maybe that will be the first New Year’s resolution we’ll actually be able to keep!