Break Out at The Escape Game & Delve Into True Crime at Alcatraz


It’s easy to say from your theater seat, “I would definitely have known better to do that,” or, “I could get out of that sticky situation, easy!” Well, it’s time to prove it! The Escape Game in Pigeon Forge is a one-of-a-kind attraction constructed by talented artists, carpenters, designers, and tech experts behind 5 totally unique escape narratives. Located at The Island in Pigeon Forge, The Escape Game has soaring good reviews by all those who have been trapped within their adventures, racing against the clock.

Rain or shine, this is a great way to spend the afternoon while staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin with older kids who may have outgrown arcade games or teens that pride themselves as “too cool” for putt-putt golf. For those staying in a large group cabin, The Escape Game is an awesome group activity. Get some healthy competition going and compete to see which group can not only beat their hour time limit, but also by the biggest margin!

The 5 Escape Games:

Room Capacity: 6
After your 5-minute pre-game briefing, you will be supplanted right into a Mission Impossible level of a high-stakes covert operation as a group of military personnel tasked with the intense mission to stop an international threat by gathering intel on an attack before it happens. Infiltrate and put this heinous act to an end before it’s too late!

Gold Rush
Room Capacity: 6
Beat the mob to a treasure stash of California gold with the likes of nothing else! Clyde Hamilton, an ever eager, overly gluttonous gold prospector compiled quite the trove, but after making wagers more than he was willing to pay with the wrong crowd, Clyde has gone missing. Now, from the mines of Northern California to a remote mountain cabin, your team is racing against money-hungry mob goons who caught wind of the treasure to find Clyde’s fortune before time runs out!

The Heist
Room Capacity: 8
You are not the police, but you are using your ability to fly under the radar to beat a crook at his own game and recover a national treasure that was stolen by a thief of masterpieces. Search through intricate artwork and think like the criminal while surveying your surroundings to find the art and become a hero or be caught by the police at the end of your hour and be jailed as a petty thief, yourselves!

Prison Break
Room Capacity: 8
You are wrongfully imprisoned, life without the possibility of parole, for a crime you did not commit and your future seems bleak… but the cell you are currently residing in was once the dismal home to another inmate who mysteriously disappeared. Are the rumors true that the previous cell-dweller was murdered by the warden, known for his cruelty? Or was this inmate the real-life Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption and left behind clues to an escape for you and other innocent citizens… find the road to freedom before the warden gets a hold of you first!

Mission: Mars
Room Capacity: 8
You made it to Mars, but now you may be doomed to become a permanent resident! Your shuttle took a beating coming through the alien atmosphere, and your crew must fix the complex control systems, and fast, because your readings pick up an astronomical amount of cosmic radiation heading towards Mars. While you don’t have to bend time and space like Interstellar, there are a lot of wires and gadgets to synchronize in order to successfully launch and get back home to Earth!

Booking ahead is strongly recommended, so what are you waiting for? Solve the mysteries, beat the bad guys, or bravely lead your group to victory in The Escape Game in Pigeon Forge for the most exciting visit to the Smoky Mountains to date!

Alcatraz East

So, you got to be the good guys in these stories, but get to know the bad guys with a fun visit to Alcatraz East… Don’t worry, you don’t have to work to escape this scenario. This true crime museum is fashioned after the infamous prison that once held notorious criminals like Al Capone and Robert Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz) and acts as an eternal home to hundreds of artifacts and exhibits on the most prolific American offenders. Here are just a couple highlights of this incredible documentation of the dark side of mankind and what Alcatraz East has nicknamed as “murderabilia”:

  • The Bronco OJ Simpson drove as all of America watched the televised police chase
  • The VW Bug infamously involved in the DNA evidence against Ted Bundy, the vehicle he stole from Florida and used to keep his victims

Tour 25,000 square feet of 5 detailed exhibits, over 100 interactives, and numerous rotating exhibits highlighting and informing visitors of the evolution and deep chasms of crime and the hard work and dedication of the men and women who try to eradicate it.

True crime fanatics will love Alcatraz East and getting to be a part of their own adventures in The Escape Game in between relaxing mornings with breathtaking views on the cabin deck and starry evenings relaxing in the hot tub in your Cabins for YOU home away from home.