Biblical Times Dinner Theater


Are you searching for an award-winning, memorable dinner show? Check out The Biblical Times Dinner Theater, who put on an awe-inspiring performance every Monday through Saturday. With an award-winning cast and impressive 3D holograph technology, you have never seen or heard these performances before!

Currently performing their new show for 2013, King of Psalms, The Biblical Times Dinner Theater brings biblical stories to life right before your eyes. Combining both live and filmed actors with incredible holograph technology, this production boasts features that will appeal to everyone in your family. Computer-generated special effects take this dinner show to a whole new level!

The first half of the show is a delightful gospel concert with music and hymns that will appeal to all ages. The second half of the performance, you and your family will marvel at song and scriptures from the Bible. Polite and attentive staff will tend to your every need.

Theater isn’t the only thing that Biblical Times has to offer – they also boast a delicious dinner menu! Enjoy a plate of juicy hand-carved turkey, wood-smoked pork and a delightfully tender grilled chicken fillet. Accompanied by a side of herb red potatoes, baked beans, a fresh salad and fluffy cheddar biscuit, this dinner tastes like it is straight out of Grandma’s Kitchen. Top your dinner off with a slice of carmel cream cake, and enjoy your meal with unlimited tea or lemonade.

You will enjoy your dinner and performance in a theater-style room. Patented trays attach to your chair, ensuring that food and drink stay put, even in children’s laps!

The King of Psalms performance is showing now through October 31, 2013 on Monday through Saturday nightly at 6:00PM. For more information about Biblical Times Dinner Theater, visit their website at or give them a call at 865-908-3327.