Black Friday in Pigeon Forge 2014


Black Friday shopping can be stressful, but our helpful tips should make the day fly by a bit easier. If you’re headed to Pigeon Forge for some Black Friday shopping, read on to see our shopping tips. They’ll leave you better prepared for this hectic day!

There is nothing quite like getting a good deal on items that you love, whether you have been waiting all year for that TV to go on sale or for the price to drop on that expensive piece of jewelry. Researching shopping deals ahead of time will make shopping that much easier. You will know which stores will be the most crowded and which stores will have the most items on sale for Black Friday. Need to go to a specialty store that you know will be extremely crowded? Get up early on Black Friday and head there first! Your shopping trip will be much easier if you know a strategy ahead of time to cut down on confusion! If you are shopping in Pigeon Forge, you will have plenty of stores to visit ahead of time.

Have a backup plan
I know when I shop on Black Friday that I like to have a backup plan in case things go awry! It is best to make sure that you have a different strategy for shopping in case the store you were planning to go to sells out of the perfect item, or if you find that it is cheaper online. No matter how you shop, it is most important that you get the best deal imaginable. If you think something would be cheaper online, I would suggest waiting until Monday so that you will save more money!

Dress for the occasion
Some people like to shop in their best outfits. I am not one of those such people! I think it is best to shop in comfort, so you can cover as much ground as possible while shopping. If you have on shoes that can become uncomfortable over time, they may eventually slow you down! Make sure to also dress in layers, so that whether you get warm inside of a store or are freezing outside while you are waiting in line, you will be prepared. Pack a pair of extra socks just in case your feet begin to hurt from all of the walking.

Pack the essentials
Sustenance is top priority when you are planning a long day of Black Friday shopping! Staying hydrated on Black Friday is very important when you are shopping because you sweat, and that can make you dehydrated quickly. Pack snacks so that you will not have to leave a store if you or someone with you gets hungry. Make sure to also pack medicine just in case someone gets a headache due to all of the excitement! If you are bringing children, be prepared to make several trips to the bathroom. Find out ahead of time where the restrooms are located so that your bathroom breaks will be stress-free.

Book your vacation
This year, we’re offering some fantastic Black Friday deals! No need to even leave the house to shop for these specials. We will be having reservation specials all day long, and the discounts vary depending on the time. On Black Friday, from 6 a.m. until 8 a.m., exclusively online, you will be able to book stays for December through March with a 60% off discount. From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., enjoy a 40% discount (online and over the phone) on reservations for stays December through March. The next Black Friday shopping deal will begin at 10 a.m. and last until 2 p.m. The discount will be 30% off for vacation rentals from December through May (online and over the phone). For the remainder of the day, the discount will be 20% off all reservations made (online and over the phone) with the exception of the stipulations.
*Excludes holidays
**Some stipulations apply

Give us a call at 866-513-7885 on Black Friday morning to book your dream cabin for your next Smoky Mountain vacation!