Business Trips – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Business trips and gatherings don’t always have to be dull, dry and monotonous gatherings. Many business owners have recently turned their sights to “destination” business trips, selecting a location where work and pleasure can be combined. The merging of work and fun can actually be more profitable and productive than a trip to your local Marriot or Holiday Inn.

So, why should you plan your next business meeting in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? There are many great reasons why renting a cabin for you and your employees may be the right choice for you, and this blog is here to help show you why. Check out the information below, take a look at some of our large group cabin rentals and make your reservation today!

They are tax deductible.
First and foremost, your business vacation to the Smoky Mountains could be tax deductible. You can deduct airfare, gas and 50 percent of meals as long as the number of days spent on business exceeds the number of days sightseeing. You can even deduct lodging costs, which is especially helpful if you have more than a handful of employees. Keep a detailed log of your business activities while on your trip for IRS records.

Vacations increase employee productivity.
Even as little as a one or two day vacation can majorly impact employee productivity as well as health. The anticipation of a vacation, even a small one, is said to improve outlook and increase positive feelings about your employee’s life as a whole. In fact, studies even show that vacations improve employees vigilance by up to 50 percent. Work a day of fun into your long weekend to balance out the workload.

Strategic plan-building time.
If you’re at a crucial point in your business cycle, whether it be launching a big project, building team morale or just getting everyone on the same page, business retreats allow plenty of time to iron out all the details. Business vacations and retreats encourage employees to depend on and communicate with one another. By eliminating other daily work distractions, your team will be more focused.

Encourage everyone’s input on the business treat by appointing a discussion facilitator beforehand. Facilitators encourage conversation and steer discussion to appropriate topics, while keeping track of everyone’s ideas and input. Bring along a white board to track daily discussions and write off-topic thoughts to the side for later talk.

Your business retreat to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee can be more fun and impactful then you could ever imagine. Having all of your employees under one roof can allow for some serious creative and critical thinking time and can improve your business for years to come. Consider making your retreat an annual escape at Pigeon Forge TN Cabins!