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With our busy season coming to end, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year…Flash Sale time! If you have liked our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pigeonforgetncabins) you may have seen our randomly posted “Flash Sales” – extremely discounted deals on cabins for people who can travel on a day or so notice. This blog contains all of the information you need to know about Flash Sales, including how they work, why they do them, and the best ways to win!

What are Flash Sales?
If we see that a cabin is unbooked for an upcoming set of dates, we will sometimes post the cabin to our Facebook page for an extremely discounted price. Prices are often slashed to $30 dollars a night on a cabin that is regularly $100 dollars per night or more! Unlike normal reservations, Flash Sale prices include all taxes and fees. Cleaning, hot tub and reservation costs are already included in the price…there are no hidden costs or gimmicks.

Why do you post them?
The Flash Sale price typically only covers part of our actual cost. We post them because we love to give our fans good deals, and our fans frequently ask for Flash Sales! Even though Pigeon Forge TN Cabins does not make a profit on the Flash Sales, we would rather see a cabin be occupied than vacant. Our Flash Sales are a great way to publicize our owner’s cabins and increase interest in the property.

How do you win?
Typically, we post a Flash Sale with one day notice. The Flash Sale post will designate a time to call (for example, 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time) and the winner is the first caller at the designated time. Early calls are not accepted and will not be winners! Our reservationists use an online clock to determine the winner, and that link will be posted in the comments section of each Flash Sale for you to follow along.  Be aware that there is an automated message when you call our line (1-866-513-7885), so time your call correctly in order to be the first caller through.

You hung up on me/I didn’t get through/I was put on hold.
Please understand that our office only has three to four reservationists on staff at one time. Weekend Flash Sales are especially popular and we often receive dozens of calls for them. Our phone lines light up beginning about one minute before the Flash Sale goes and continue to ring for minutes afterwards. Our reservationists do their best to ensure every customer is answered, however, there may be instances where you are put on hold or hung up on. If this happens, do not fret – you were not the winner and we did not take the Flash Sale from you! Our employees often ignore early and late calls in order to ensure the first caller at the designated time is the winner. Please understand that the girls on the other side of the phone line are taking call upon call and are managing the process the best way they can.

Can dates be changed? When is payment due?
Flash Sale dates are inflexible – the posted prices will be good only for the dates of the Sale. Payment will be due at the time of reservation – please have your credit card in hand when you call to make this process easier! No cancellations are allowed and no refunds will be given to Flash Sale winners.

We understand that not all of our fans can travel on short-notice and try to offer plenty of deals and specials for those guests who need a little more planning time. We do our best to offer a variety of cabins in our Flash Sales, and try to offer pet-friendly, mountain view, river view, and one bedroom cabins all the way to large group rentals. We hope that you can take advantage of one of our Flash Sales and come see us in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

12 thoughts on “Flash Sales – Pigeon Forge Cabins

  1. Wanting to come up next weekend. Arrive on the 18th & leave on 21st. Do u have any deals for then. Just 2 adults.

    1. Hi Susan! We do not schedule flash sales, but check back with us on our facebook for updates on flash sales. Our current deals are the following:
      BUY ONE NIGHT, GET ONE FREE: All of our 4 & 5 Bedroom cabins are buy one night, get one night FREE for THIS WEEKEND only! Regular tax and cleaning fees still apply. This deal also applies to our Family Cabins Under $200! Browse our cabins and call us at 1-800-684-7865 to snag this great deal!

  2. flash sale ,anything for 1-12-13? thats my 40th bday and would love to have a 2 or 3 bedroom to have a peaceful weekend getaway with family and friends

    1. Hi Bobby! We have a flash sale 1/11/13 thru 1/13/13 if your the first caller tonight at 7pm. The details are as follows.
      WEEKEND FLASH SALE: Southern Comfort Escape for 2 nights! $39.46 per night, all taxes and fees included. Arrive Friday (1/11/13) and check out on Sunday (1/13/13). Total cost comes to $78.92! This two bedroom cabin rental sleeps up to eight people and is only a short drive from downtown Pigeon Forge. With a sauna, hot tub, wrap around porch and miniature golf access, this cabin rental is perfect for your first vacation of 2013! Some stipulations apply. Be the FIRST to call our reservation line TOMORROW (1/10/13) at 7:00PM (Eastern Standard Time) at 1-800-684-7865 to make your reservation!

      Good Luck!!!!! 🙂

  3. “Amazing Grace” was meant to be for us.. I was the first caller, we arrived Friday night late and Saturday morning my son couldn’t hardly walk so I took him to La Conte Medical Center. There they checked him to find out he was within hours of going into a diabetic coma and the Drs. said he may not have pulled out of it. His sugar was 1309——-we had no idea he was a diabetic. If I had of not won the cabin, he would have stayed home as he dislikes the hospital here. His girlfriend wanted to come with us but he told her “no” as he needed time away.. Well he said if she had of gone with us then Saturday morning he would have told us to go on to wherever we wanted to go and he would have stayed at the cabin thinking he only needed rest. Thanks to you all for the “Flash Sale” and to the cabin being”Amazing Grace” ,my son is alive !!! I thank GOD with everything I have within me … I can’t thank him enough !!!

  4. Always love the Flash Sales you post! We actually got one last year and loved our stay! Hope to try again soon! Beautiful cabins and scenery! Thanks for having the Flash Sales, they are great!

  5. we would like to rent a cabin from 1-22-13 to 1-26-13, do u have any specials for these dates?

  6. Hi! Would love a flash sale sometime before Feb 10 to celebrate our 17 wedding anniversary,as we were married in and honeymooned in Gatlinburg Feb 10,1996! Also or a flash sale sometime around March 11 for my daughters 14 birthday. She already said that she would like to get a cabin and bring a friend, but I don’t know if it’s in the budget 🙁 I will keep.an eye open!! Thanks for a great opportunity to stay at your rentals!

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