Castle of Chaos – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


The newest addition to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN is called the Castle of Chaos! The name of this attraction is just what it implies for what lies ahead. The Castle of Chaos it is also the first 5D attraction in the world! You may be asking yourself what is 5D? I heard it best explained like this, “5D refers to a completely new approach to creating attractions, one that combines a scientific perspective with artistic talent and the latest technologies”.

What makes this attraction so unique is the combination of 3D film, a ride, and a video game. If you like a challenge and are interested in ridding the world of paranormal activity this may be the ideal attraction for you!

The ride begins as you fasten your seat belt in the arena that you have willingly ventured into that is located inside of a haunted Pigeon Forge castle. Your seat begins to move and direct you to different screens that surround you and the other “ghost hunters” that are seated around you.

Before you, you will see a variety of paranormal images that you are determined to destroy to make the castle once again, a safe place. Take your pistol and take aim at the ghosts that try to spook you. This will earn you points for every ghost that you annihilate!

Be prepared to see, hear, feel, and smell as this attraction uses 4 of your senses to immerse you fully into this unique experience! The use of 5D is sure to create an unforgettable chaotic experience that you will rave about to others. This attraction has received great reviews with customers boasting about the great graphics, and unique style of attraction.

Also, many have said that they had such a great time that they will be back! If you enjoy dark rides, videos games, and graphics you will love this attraction!
In one place you can experience three unforgettable attractions. Come to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to try all three of them. You can try out the Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, Hollywood Wax Museum and of course the Castle of Chaos! Make sure to buy tickets to this chaotic attraction next time you are in town.

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