Dollywood Unveils Newest Roller Coaster


After months of anticipation, Dollywood had finally unveiled the latest addition to their award-winning amusement park. The park built hype and expectation over the motto “the sky is not the limit,” raising excitement over the new ride. The park revealed its plans to build what the park is appropriately calling Wild Eagle, a 210 foot tall coaster that is set to open sometime in March of 2012.

If you’re ready to get your feathers ruffled, this is the ride for you! This roller coaster will be the country’s first “winged” coaster, this exciting addition will surely inspire similar coasters across the United States. The coaster’s blueprints focus upon a floorless design that seats riders four across, with two riders seated on “wings” on the right and left sides of the coaster.

This coaster will be built at the corner of Wilderness Pass and Craftsmen’s Valley inside Dollywood. Designed by Swedish engineers, this ride’s aim is stated in its name – the goal is to give you the sensation of flying! This $20 million dollar project is a huge investment for Dollywood, but not one that Miss Dolly herself is sweating: “I’m just thrilled that Dollywood’s Wild Eagle is the only place in the entire country where folks can get their feathers ruffled on a coaster like this!”

This world class attraction will undoubtedly lure roller coaster and adrenaline enthusiasts from all over the country. The 3,127 foot track will reach speeds of 61 miles per hour and thrill it’s passengers for a full 2 minutes and 22 seconds! The steel track will feature a series of inversions, drops, loops and spins that will give riders goose bumps.

Dollywood has long been a superb amusement park, claiming titles such as the steepest roller coaster drop in North America, the prestigious Applause Award, and “Best Shows” award from The Golden Ticket. The Wild Eagle roller coaster will no doubt add another unique and one-of-a-kind attraction to this wonderful park! For updates about Wild Eagle, plus a short teaser video, please visit: Dollywood 2012