Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival in Pigeon Forge

As the season of fall begins and the foliage of the Great Smoky Mountains begins to reach its peak, the Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival kicks into full swing! This event brings together arts, crafts, music, food, and fun into one exciting package. Beginning on September 15th and continuing on until October 31st, the festival marks one of the most picturesque times to visit the Smoky Mountains. As the 800 square acres of forest in the region transform into a palette of rich, lush colors around the beginning of October, visitors flock to enjoy the scenery. To coincide with this, the denizens of Pigeon Forge, following the tradition set by the festival and the season, deck out the fronts of their shops and stores in sets of fall colors and decorations. All of this makes for one colorful and unforgettable vacation!

A series of musical events within Pigeon Forge’s Dollywood Amusement Park serve to usher in the exciting festival. The first of these events is the Dollywood Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival, which runs through early September. This is a great chance to experience both the unique cuisine and music of the Southern Appalachians. This event is followed by the National Gospel and Harvest Celebration on September 28th through October 29th. This is an event that is not worth missing, as you’ll get the chance to not only browse through hand-designed crafts made by some of the areas most skilled craftsmen, but also to enjoy a concert series featuring a variety of celebrated Gospel music stars. This event lasts four weeks, and within those weeks you’ll have the opportunity to see 250 gospel performances!

In addition to these events, the Harvest Festival also plays host to the Fall Grand Rod Run on September 15th through 19th. This exciting car shows attracts visitors from all over the area, and attending in the fall, when nature is at its most grand, is a great way to experience both natural and manmade beauty as you check out some of the classic cars and trucks on display.

The Smoky Mountains are an exciting sight on their own, and they become even more beautiful when seen during the fall season. The Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival is a celebration of that beauty, and with all the events set to occur during the 2011 festivities, planning your vacation around this festival will ensure that you get to experience the Smokies at their finest!