Keeping Kids Happy on the Road

On the Road
The hardest part about enjoying a vacation with the kids, no doubt, is getting to the destination without pulling each other’s hair out! Everyone—especially kids—gets antsy after being in a car for hours upon hours. So how can you save yourself some headaches and entertain the kids along the way? Here are a few tips we suggest:

  • Play road games. Games like “License Plate Lingo” can be a lot of fun while you’re on the way to Pigeon Forge. All you have to do is find license plates and have each person suggest a meaning for the combination of letters—the goofier, the better! This is a great way to encourage your kids’ imagination and have lots of laughs along the way. You might also try a classic game of “I Spy,” or see who can spot the most animals (dead or alive) along the way.
  • Hire little navigators. For this “game,” tell your kids you will give them a little cash if they can help you navigate the way to Pigeon Forge. Provide them with an atlas or a printed-out map of your route; encourage them to check off cities as you pass them. For every city they check off, they can get $1 (or whatever price you decide). This is a great way to help your kids learn as well as to keep them focused on a task instead of always asking you, “Are we there yet?!”
  • Bring gadgets for games and movies. An easy, go-to solution for long trips, of course, is bringing along your kids’ favorite games and movies. Portable DVD players have saved parents lots of headaches when it comes to road trips with the family! You might also bring your iPad or other gaming devices and use them as incentives. “If you make it to [pick a city] without complaining, then you can use my iPad to play Angry Birds.” However you want to do it, these devices can really make your life a whole lot easier while you’re on the road!
  • Bring snacks and drinks. If it’s not “Are we there yet?” it’s “I’m hungry!” To keep from having to stop every half hour on your way to Pigeon Forge, load up the cooler with lots of easy, portable, and healthy snacks for the kids to munch on along the way. Pack ice and take individualized portions of fruit like blueberries or grapes for a no-mess option. You can also bring non-perishable, packaged snacks like peanut butter crackers for a satisfying treat. And don’t forget some drinks to wash it all down! Water bottles are an easy choice. Whatever you bring, you’ll want to make sure it has a screw-top lid to avoid spills.

At the Cabin
Fortunately, by the time you get to Pigeon Forge, you should have an easier time entertaining the kids. In fact, many of our Pigeon Forge cabins were designed with this goal in mind! Amenities like foosball tables, arcades, home theaters, and indoor pools are included with many of our cabins, and they are the perfect options for keeping your kids having fun every morning, afternoon, and evening of your trip!

If you are interested in having one or all of these amenities in your Pigeon Forge cabin, check out our page with cabin listings. Or let us do the work of finding the perfect cabin for you, and call one of our reservation specialists at 1-866-513-7885. They are available 24/7 and are happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for so everyone in the family can say they had a great time when they came to Pigeon Forge!