Fall Activity in Pigeon Forge – Helicopter Rides


Taking in the changing colors in the fall is one of the best things to do in Pigeon Forge during the season. The Smoky Mountains are particularly stunning during the fall because of the burnt oranges an vibrant yellows that color the trees. The smoky billows that seap up from the mountains and the wonderful fall weather make this season a perfect time to get outdoors and take in the sights and sounds of the Smokies.

A unique experience that we like to encourage people to be a part of when they visit Pigeon Forge during the fall is taking a helicopter ride. Helicopter rides in Pigeon Forge are a great way to see the Smoky Mountains in a way that no other form of trasportation can give you. Helicoopters soar high above the city but close enough to allow passengers to seap up every bit of beauty that comes from the scenery in the Smokies.

There are several helicopter companies in the Sevier County area but Scenic Helicopter Tours is located directly in Pigeon Forge. Helicopter rides in Pigeon Forge range from price. The cheapest starts at $9.31 and the most expensive is $395.57. Tours cover such places as Wears Valley, Bluff Mountain, Gatlinburg, and Douglas Lake.

Imagine stepping into a helicopter for the first time. Lifting off by going straight up in the air is much different than taking off in a plan! The hellicopter soars high above the bustling traffic in Pigeon Forge, and you see the mountains. The Smokies are magnificent, and cause you to think about the majesty of the creator that placed them so perfectly in the Pigeon Forge area. This ride is something you will never forget!

To contact Scenic Helicopter Tours in Pigeon Forge call them at 865-453-6342 or visit their website at scenichelicoptertours.com.