Caverns Near Pigeon Forge


Tennessee is home to over 8,350 caves which makes it the state with the most caves in the entire United States. Forbidden Caverns is located just minutes from our cabins in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Visitors can tour the caverns which feature sparkling formations, grottos, a stream, and natural chimneys. Forbidden Caverns Trails in the caverns are lighted and have handrails in spots where navigating can get a little tricky.

The Forbidden Caverns were once used as shelter for Indians during hunting trips. The shelter they provided during the winter was just what the Indians needed and the body of water inside the Forbidden Caverns served as a constant water source. The Forbidden Caverns cave has flint in it which the Indians used to make scraping tools and arrowheads.

From the early 1920’s to about 1943 the Forbidden Caverns cave was used by moonshine makers. The Forbidden Caverns were far enough off of the beaten path to provide the privacy the moonshiners needed to make the illegal substance. By 1964 plans were underway to open the Forbidden Caverns up to the public and after 3 years of development they were finally revealed.

Visiting the Forbidden Caverns is a treat. The Forbiden Caverns are always 58 degrees inside and tours usually last just under an hour. Parking is free for visitors. The Cavern operators have a souvenir shop and a refreshment stand for visitors as well.

Stalactites, onyx, and cavern draperies can be seen in the Forbidden Caverns cave. Lighting enhances these natural wonders and makes some of the Grottos really pop. Grotto names include Grotto of Evil Spirits and Grotto of the Dead.

The Forbidden Caverns are located at 455 Blowing Cave Rd. Sevierville, TN 37876. To contact the Forbidden Caverns call (865) 453-5972.

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15 thoughts on “Caverns Near Pigeon Forge

    1. Cindi, do you mean a trolley stop? If so, unfortunately not. This attraction is roughly 13 miles from the last trolley stop in Pigeon Forge.

  1. I was just there last week, and the admission cost is well worth the sights and enviroment! We have visited many caves between the Meramac in Missouri to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, and the Forbidden Caverns are definetly near the top on our list of favorites 🙂

  2. Do you offer a local discount? I have a lot of people come thru the store I work at and quite a few have asked about the caverns and I have to tell them that I have never been.

  3. We are hoping to visit this week, but have a nine month old baby. Do you allow infants in baby carriers or held in parents’ arms during a tour?

    1. Unfortunately, the caverns do not allow strollers, but it should be okay to carry the infant during the tour.

  4. We are visiting this fall…how much is the admission to the caverns? I cannot seem to find it on the website.

    1. Hello Laura! We believe adult prices are $14 and kids under $13 are $8. Give them a call at: 865) 453-5972 for definite information!

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