Fiddlers Feast Dinner Show – Pigeon Forge, TN

Fiddlers Feast and Dinner show is located near our Pigeon Forge, TN cabins. When you plan to attend this Pigeon Forge attraction you are in for an evening a southern food a good music as you will be able to eat and be entertained at the same time. The theater seats 900 people at long tables for a dinner that will be brought straight to your table. You will not have to get up from your seat and miss a moment of this Pigeon Forge dinner theater show.

The mouth watering feast includes hickory wood grilled pork, marinated chicken breast, hot parsley potatoes, coleslaw, baked bean, splendid cheese muffins and their specialty strawberry shortcake. The staff that serves you will also make sure that you cup does not run dry from ice tea, lemonade, water, coffee or the soda drink of you choice. As the meal come to a close that is when you will be able to listen and be apart the powerful musical presentation of music that encompasses Tennessee’s finest musical productions.

As a side note, if you like Fiddler’s Feast Dinner Show you may also enjoy the Smith Family Theatre and Memories Theatre in Pigeon Forge.

This will be an experience that includes music, singing, and humor from Pigeon Forge’s very pool of talent. The band includes many award winning entertainers from not only across the country but internationally as well. Their love for music and performers has brought them to Pigeon Forge to perform on almost a nightly bases and sometimes twice a day for the Pigeon Forge visitors. The group of fifteen performers will not let you down as they perform music from all different genres including country, rock and roll, bluegrass, patriotic, gospel music and more.

They are willing to give large group discounts so give be sure to check out their website for more information. There website also features pictures of their performers and more information regarding their daily performance schedule. There website is