Great Smoky Mountain Scavenger Hunt – Pigeon Forge

You probably remember scavenger hunts from your happy childhood years. Whether on church retreats, summer camp, or a weekend activity, scavenger hunts were a fun time for all of the kids. After looking all day for clues, there was nothing like finding your last clue to claim your key to victory!

Kicking off tomorrow, March 16, 2013, is the Great Smoky Mountain Scavenger Hunt! Put together a team of your family, friends, coworkers or best buddies. Teams are allowed to be of any size, but must be of reasonable proportion so all of your group can fit safely into your vehicle.

Registration cost is $60 and you can enter here: All proceeds from this event go to benefit the Tremont Scholarship Fund.

So…what is exactly is this scavenger hunt, you ask? All teams will receive their first clues at 3:30PM Friday, this afternoon. The event will kick off then and will be end at 4:30PM on Saturday.

The hunt will take place over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and will use designated roads and trails to access clues safely.

Since is it illegal to remove any items from the park, participants are required to have one digital camera (with flash!) to take pictures of the clues. Help keep the National Park beautiful and pristine by always being mindful of their rules and regulations.

Each clue will hold a series of point values, assessed on level of difficulty. The team with the largest number of points will win the grand prize. Even if you aren’t a scavenger hunt wiz, there is no need for concern – everyone will win in this fun and exciting Smoky Mountain event!

Contestants are due back at Tremont at 4:30PM on Saturday, March 16th. The address to the center is 275 Tremont Road, Townsend, Tennessee 37882.

A light meal will be served at the center while point values are being added up. The winner will then be crowned and will hold the bragging rights until next year’s Hunt!

For more information about the Great Smoky Mountain Scavenger Hunt, please visit: