Helium Balloon Ride Coming to Pigeon Forge


Pigeon Forge is filled with one of a kind, unique sights and attractions that are only found in the resort town. There aren’t too many entertainment options that are only available in Pigeon Forge. Recently, a new and exciting tourist attraction has been introduced to the area. Wonderworks owner Robin Turner has recently announced her plans for a unique attraction that will add a special decoration to the Pigeon Forge skyline.

After many months of careful planning and research, Turner has recently unveiled her plans to build a 105 foot helium balloon that would carry passengers 400 feet in the air for a magnificent view of the Smoky Mountains and downtown Pigeon Forge. While the city commission has given the project a green light, zoning laws will have to be changed to remove the height restriction of the ride. Turner plans to place the helium balloon behind the Wonderworks attraction as a welcoming beacon to the tourist town.

Turner took the time to address any concerns that folks may have with the balloon. Filled with helium as opposed to the typical hot-air balloon, this attraction will run quietly and not disturb any nearby neighbors. You won’t have to worry about seeing any gaudy ads or designs on the balloon, either. The balloon will be kept advertisement free and illuminated during the evening as an impressive piece of art that draws eyes and visitors to the town. Turner and the city commission have taken a look at several artists’ designs and haven enjoyed the view from several different perspectives around the city to ensure that the view is great no matter where you are.

Turner added that the tethered balloon ride will be suitable for people of all ages. No need for an adrenaline pumping experience, this ride will take a full 10 minutes from start to finish as you slowly rise and fall out of the Pigeon Forge sky. If all goes as planned, the ride should be open to its first visitors by the beginning of Pigeon Forge’s next tourist season. More information will be revealed as it comes, so stay tuned for ticket prices and details!