Fall Grand Rod Run 2011

The beginning of fall in Pigeon Forge brings cooler weather, beautiful foliage colors, and of course, the Fall Grand Rod Run. This Pigeon Forge event has been delighting vacationers for 29 years. Held at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center on September 15th through 19th, this event draws hundreds of thousands of hot rod owners and enthusiasts to the streets of Pigeon Forge. Filling up local hotels and cabin rentals throughout Pigeon Forge, this exciting event is one that you don’t want to miss!

Pigeon Forge has long been a hot-spot for car enthusiasts, hosting between four and six car shows every year. This year, participants and onlookers will begin to fill up the local hotels and cabins as early as Tuesday morning. This event will leave the Parkway and nearby areas slammed with excited visitors, filling every available parking space and often slowing the flow of traffic for several days. If you do not like this hot rod atmosphere, it is suggested that you steer clear of the Parkway during this busy weekend!  Rod Run weekend is a car lovers paradise – you will be awed by the amazing cars and love meeting automobile enthusiasts that share your passion for hot rods.

Beginning on Thursday, the streets and parking lots will fill with classic Ford, GMC and Chevy cars and trucks. Visitors to this event can spend their time admiring the vehicles, sampling new and innovative automobile products and chatting with car owners. There will be even be several workshops available for those looking to expand their knowledge in the mechanical world.

If someone in your family is not a fan of hot rods or does not want to participate in the event – they’re in luck, too! Pigeon Forge is filled with hundreds of local attractions, such as theaters, dinner shows, go-kart racing and black light golf. There is never a dull moment in Pigeon Forge, so you and your family can plan to split up, spend your days separately, and then meet for dinner at one of Pigeon Forge’s fabulous restaurants.

Whether it’s the location or the friendly people that draw hot rod enthusiast to Pigeon Forge, they keep coming back for more. Car owners love to spend a cool autumn day driving through the scenic Great Smoky Mountains, and they prize showing off their vehicles and learning about others through the welcoming atmosphere. Here’s a helpful tip for anyone attending this event: spaces between power poles and the Parkway are owned by Pigeon Forge and available for visitor parking. Spaces between power poles and businesses are owned by the business and may not be available for all day, free parking. Remember to respect and be kind to business owners, as they are the ones who keep Rod Run coming back!