7 Indoor Fun Ideas for Cold Days in the Smoky Mountains


Whether you are visiting for the holidays with family or hosting a friends’ weekend getaway away from all the holiday craziness, a cabin in Pigeon Forge is the answer for those seeking tons of things to do or as a way to not get out and do. The weather in the Smoky Mountains stays fairly mild in the lower elevations, but that doesn’t mean there are not those days when you walk out onto the cabin’s deck and think, “Nope,” as those first chills hit your face.

Luckily, when you stay in a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin, you’ll have homey spaces that are easy to curl up in with a good book by the fire, movies on the flatscreen TV, or relaxing nights in the outdoor hot tub when it’s just too cold to leave the cabin. Well, put on those fuzzy socks, start a fire, and use these great 7 cold day ideas for a day of fun indoors!

  1. The Long Con
    I love Catan and Ticket to Ride, but it is hard to get my friends and family to commit. The first time is easy, because they don’t know they have just made a 2-hour commitment to a board game. Every other time, though, everyone is always “too busy” for those long, complicated games. But now they are cornered in a cabin with me, and it turns out to be a blast every time! Pack your favorite board and card games and pick up some snacks at the local grocery store to make for the perfect game night in the cabin. Adults who enjoy a well-crafted beer: definitely make a stop at Smoky Mountain Brewery where you can sample a flight of their microbrews and take growlers of your favorites to the cabin!
  2. No Bench Players
    It’s time to get your friends and family members out of their comfort zones with one my favorite games: Fish Bowl! Start a warm fire in the fireplace and let the hearth and living room be the stage as each team picks a couch. While there are always variations of this game, here is how my family plays:

    1. Everyone gets 3 pieces of paper
    2. Write a movie title on each without sharing with anyone else
    3. Fold each piece, throw it into the honorary “fish bowl” (most of the time it’s a popcorn bucket)
    4. Go back and forth for a round of acting all the movie titles out, like charades
    5. Throw the papers back in the fish bowl
    6. Trade back and forth for another round, but players are only allowed 2 key words, not in the title
    7. Throw the papers back in the fish bowl
    8. Sing a song either in the movie, or somehow affiliated with the film, no previously used material. The pair has 15 seconds to prepare

    Key rules:
    Keep score!
    If a team cannot guess, the other team has one chance to guess it

  3. A Dinner Affair
    Your Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin has a fully loaded kitchen, and some of the large lodges have double the appliances. If you are hanging out in the cabin all day with friends, make it an elegant dinner in the cabin! Have everyone shower, primp, and break out their favorite little black dress and host a fabulous girls’ night. You can even have someone else do the cooking! Everyone can pitch in and split the cost of a private chef from Savory Solutions. Chef Jeremy and his team can even cater your large family gathering! No need to get out of the cabin to host an extravagant dinner you’ll cherish for years to come.
  4. Treasure Cabin
    One of my favorite memories as a kid involved my siblings and I locked in our camper while my dad set up elaborate scavenger hunts in the surrounding campsite. This is a great way to give the kids an early Christmas present or a coupon “good for one souvenir” while keeping them busy and entertained for an hour, depending on how creative your clues get. There are tons of great riddles you can look up using your cabin’s wireless internet (many of our cabins offer high-speed Wi-Fi!), and while the kids are busy watching a movie or playing in the rec room, set up their scavenger hunt throughout the cabin!
  5. Ahead of the Game
    So you know you are visiting the Smoky Mountains during the winter, and for good reasons, too – with the cities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg draped in the Winterfest magic all the way through February. However, the usual outdoor adventures aren’t in season. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastically entertaining vacation! Book a cabin with awesome amenities you can enjoy year-round, like an indoor pool, a rec room packed with arcade games, air hockey, and more! Host a movie night in the cabin when you book one of our lodgings with a private theater, boasting big screen, projectors, leather seating, or all the above!
  6. Spa Day
    Amidst and after the holidays, your body and mind need some pampering and relaxation. There is no better place to do so than in the seclusion of your cozy cabin in the peaceful Smoky Mountains. You can order a luxurious spa basket from us ahead of time, book an in-cabin massage, or bring your own favorite spa items!
  7. Indoors In Pigeon Forge
    Fare the cold and head to these fun indoor activities in downtown Pigeon Forge when playing outside isn’t an ideal option!

    • Pigeon Forge Snow
      Indoor snow tubing in a climate controlled facility that stays between 65-70 degrees!
    • Hollywood Wax Museum
      Shoot zombies, conquer a mirrored maze, and come face-to-face with the stars!
    • TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena
      Climbing walls, a ninja course, and a hug arcade make for an adrenaline rush that will tire the kids in no time.
    • Lazerport Fun Center
      Get in touch with your young heart and play laser tag, blacklight mini golf, arcade games, and more.