London Olympics: Where to Watch in Pigeon Forge

The summer Olympics only roll around once every four years, and what if, in 2012, you’re on your Pigeon Forge vacation when they begin? This patriotic, world-wide event draws crowds in the hundreds of thousands and is watched by millions of people every day. Whether you like it for the basketball, swimming, track or soccer events, the London Olympics are making athletes dreams come true.

So where are you to watch the games while on your Pigeon Forge vacation? You could stay in your cabin and watch them from the comfort of your home, or you could venture out and enjoy the sights of Pigeon Forge while still catching a glimpse of it all!

Pigeon Forge TN is filled with restaurants and eateries that will delight your taste buds and surround you with unique atmospheres and dishes. Some places are slightly more suited to sports watching than others, so where will you head when it’s time for your favorite sport? We have you covered! Check out these Pigeon Forge restaurants and bars that are your best bet for the Olympic Games.

One of the most Olympic friendly locations is Huck Finn’s Catfish, who actually used to employ an Olympic athlete! Claire Donahue is a native of east Tennessee and was a greeter at the well-known eatery. Swimming the 100 meter butterfly, Huck Finn’s created a new dish and named it after the young athlete.  The Claire Donahue Special consists of, fittingly, fish and chips…a tribute to London and Claire’s run at this year’s games.

Another place to watch the Games is the Smoky Mountain Brewery, which offers 20 televisions to cover every live sport. Ask to be seated in front of the sport of your choice, or ask your server to change the television to the station you wish to see – they’ll be happy to oblige while you chow down on some of their delicious pizza or cheesesteaks.

The Roaming Gnome is and Irish themed pub that will allow you to control which event you watch! With a small television at every booth, you can flip until your heart’s desire without annoying anyone else at the bar.

The Olympics are a wonderful time of year and are treasured by Americans nationwide. Don’t miss these awesome events on your Pigeon Forge vacation!