Memories Theater

Do you remise about the days of old? Do you miss the good old boys and musical classics that rocked your world when you were younger? What if we told you all of the legends that you know and love have taken up residence right here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? You’d probably be pretty excited, right?

Well, let your excitement run free! The Memories Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee specializes in nothing but the best of tribute singers and musical talent. Although they are best known for their realistic rendition of The King himself, Memories Theater also stretches to include other impressive past and present artists.

Beginning its twentieth year of operation in the Smoky Mountains, the Memories Theater recently moved to a new location beside the Country Tonight Theater. A temporary location, the owners of the theater plans to reopen their new and improved location around October 4, 2012.

The original theater is located on the Pigeon Forge Parkway, convenient to all of the town’s downtown attractions and entertainment options. The newly renovated location will feature a special very-important-person section and a completely redone interior.

The Memories Theater is available to accommodate all guests, and featured handicap seating with wide aisles, a concession stand, a gift shop and parking for motorhomes.

If you’re a fan of Elvis, you won’t want to pass up an opportunity to see this tribune show! Available to see all of the time, many of the other artists appear semi-regularly, as well. Guests are encouraged to call for show times and let a Memories Theater employee inform them of the most updated schedule.

Other famous and often featured musical acts include Conway Twitty, Kenny Chesney, Blues Brothers,  Rod Stewart and more.

For more information about Memories Theater, including show times and contact information, please visit their website at: