Making Your Pigeon Forge Vacation a Reality

With 2012 just behind us, now is the perfect time to begin saving up for your 2013 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee vacation! We know that family vacations can be costly – from the gas to travel, to dining out, lodging and other expenses, affording a vacation for your family is no small feat. However, there are many ways to spread out your vacation savings throughout the year to make your getaway more affordable than ever before. Check out the helpful hints below and discover the best ways to save up for your Smoky Mountain vacation!

Save from the start.
Ask your employer about setting up an automatic transfer system, which deposits a designated amount of money out of your paycheck in a separate account every month. When you don’t have to transfer the funds to savings yourself, you’re less likely to miss the extra cash and more likely to save up money in the long run. A $100 dollar per month savings will add up to $1,200 per year – a nice chunk of change to put towards your Pigeon Forge vacation!

Cut back now for more fun later.
If you’re like most of us, you probably spend a surprising amount of money on things such as cable, cell phone service, lattes and other treats. Cut back where you can and consider downsizing things such as your cable package, cell phone minutes and magazine subscriptions. That monthly gym-fee that never does you any good? It’s probably best to cancel that and pay the fee if you have more than eight months left in your contract. Program your coffee maker for an automatic brew every morning, skip the $5 dollar Starbucks and put that money towards your vacation savings.

Enjoy a home cooked meal.
The average American family spends a startling amount on restaurants and take-out, more than $200 a month in some cases. We know that cooking a meal is not always the easiest thing to work in to your family’s busy schedule, so find a few good crockpot recipes and put them to good use to save you and your family some cash. Make a game of picking food items that you already have to cut back on grocery cost and free up some room in your pantry, as well.

Encourage yourself to save.
With your vacation months and months away, it can be disheartening to cut back on the little luxuries that you enjoy now. Next time you’re craving a fro-yo, are thinking about going out to lunch or are dying to see a movie, browse through a few pictures of your vacation destination. Imagine sitting on the deck, taking in your view of the Smoky Mountains with a glass of wine, or retiring to the hot tub for a soak in the evening. Reminding yourself of the sweet reward ahead of you will make saving and cutting back now much easier.