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There’s a big monster truck in the Pigeon Forge area that pretty much everyone sees on their way in to the city from Interstate 40. It has big wheels and a blue paint job that screams boyish fun. I’ve always wondered what the monster truck at the Outdoor Adventures of the Smokies near Pigeon Forge was like. I called them the other day to find out more information and to my delight they invited me over to check it out. And, of course, I did more than just check it out. I took a ride!

Having grown up in the city I can’t say that I’ve ever taken a ride in a monster truck. That all changed today. Not only did I ride in the bed of the truck, I also got a chance to take a ride in the passenger’s seat.

I wasn’t scared going into this. The driver seemed confident in the fact that I would love the ride so I figured he must be right. I walked up some steps that let me walk easily into the back of the truck where I sat on a bench that had a seat belt. Once I was buckled in the driver revved up the engine and we took off. The space that the monster truck in the Pigeon Forge area rides in isn’t too scary but it was quite fun. Watching the big wheels climb up the hills and then coast back down was pretty impressive for me. I had never been in a monster truck so this was a great first time.

After I rode in the back of the monster truck near Pigeon Forge the driver let me sit in the front for a passenger seat view. Getting into the cab of the truck proved to be a little more challenging. I had to pull from my childhood and rely on my tree climbing skills. It worked. About three steps and grabs and I was in. During this ride I decided to ask the driver about what it’s like to drive a monster truck. Apparently it’s no big deal. Still, I was intrigued. It seems to me that getting to drive such a fun, monstrous vehicle would be a little….empowering.

Overall, I enjoyed the monster truck in the Pigeon Forge area. I definitely think that kids would have a great time in the monster truck near Pigeon Forge. For adults looking for a major thrill I suggest taking the Hummer tour with Outdoor Adventure of the Smokies. I’ll write about that soon.

– Pigeon Forge TN Cabins Team Member

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