National Tourism Day – Check out the Top Tourist Spots in Pigeon Forge

It’s Pigeon Forge. This city oozes those tourist vibes when you aren’t relaxing in your cabin in the mountains. But, it can get even more touristy…It’s National Tourist Day, though, and let’s be honest, we all can appreciate those typical “touristy” destinations and attractions! Get around like a tourist, too, on the Pigeon Forge Fun Time Trolley. Just because you’re a tourist doesn’t mean you have to be lost like one!

We get it: the Smokies are a whole lot of black bears, Dolly Parton, and jaw-dropping views of nature in places like Cades Cove, the top of Clingmans Dome, and even the deck of your cozy cabin. Those aren’t bad, but if you are a returning visitor or looking for a way to do something a little abnormal, National Tourism Day is a great time to change it up! So, these perfect National Tourism Day stops are the “most Pigeon Forge” and some unrelated-to-the-Smokies themed attractions that are packed with a good time. So, hop on the Trolley and get to touristin’ in the Smokies!

Pigeon Forge Fun Time Trolley
It may be touristy, but for the low price of $3 and an entire day of unlimited rides, it is totally worth skipping the peak season’s traffic on the Parkway and the ever-elusive parking space. Just head on over with your personal vehicle to the Fun Time Trolley office located on Old Mill Avenue, directly behind The Old Mill and beside Patriot Park. You don’t have to start there, however; you can find one of the 50+ trolley stops and hitch a ride for just $0.50 per rider to each individual destination, just be sure to bring exact fare!

Goats on the Roof
It is exactly what it sounds like. There are goats. On a roof. These goofy goats hang out in their own little grassy area built directly on top of the first level’s roof; you can head upstairs to see them eye-to-eye through the windows! There is a fun little contraption to send your goat treats up to the roof to feed your new friends (kids get a HUGE kick out of this). Then there is the Alpine Coaster! It’s a new way to coaster on a single car that you control the speed as you wind through the trees and down the mountainside. Google reviews also repeat the fantastic value for it being such a huge hit with tourists to the area!

The Island in Pigeon Forge
The Island is home to prime souvenir shopping, cool ways for the kids to have fun, like the giant rope course, and the awe-inspiring show fountains. In the center of the square where you will hop off the trolley, there is what looks to be an ordinary shallow pond with rocking chairs all around it. Just wait, because every quarter hour you will slowly begin to hear some of today’s most popular music…and then the show begins. Over 50 high-powered fountains pump water high into the air and individually dance in synchronicity to the beat of the song! Be sure to come back to the show fountains at night for a state-of-the-art light show illuminating the streams of water as they dance against the starry skies! The Island is also home to the famous Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, where the portions are served up big and endless for everyone to pass around the table. What is more Southern than family-style dinner with country favorites like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits, really?

Hollywood Wax Museum
This attraction is extra touristy, just for your National Tourism Day needs! Hollywood Wax Museum is a few attractions in one, too. After “meeting” tons of famous icons like Sandra Bullock, Lucille Ball, and tons of other A-list stars, fight zombies, do some ghost busting, and keep your wits in the mirrored-maze – all in one location! The best part is the price: you can experience all of these awesome adventures for a bundled price that rivals most other big-name attractions in the area. Pigeon Forge is heavily-laden with laser tag and go karts, but Hollywood Wax Museum is your next-generation, touristy good time!

Titanic Museum
The Titanic. In the middle of the mountains? Yep! There is a giant replica of the larger-than-life luxury liner on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Besides being home to the world’s second-largest LEGO replica of the Titanic (at 26 feet long and it was made by a 10-year-old!), visitors are in for an incredible interactive experience. Upon entry, you will receive a badge with the name and biography of an actual passenger on this ill-fated voyage, learn all about the crew, and submerge into the most authentic re-creation of what it was like to be on the Titanic before she sank in 1912. The co-owner, John Joselyn, led the 44-day expedition that would bring back the footage to air as the second-highest-rated documentary to ever air on television, Return to the Titanic. So, much of the $4 million collection inside of the Titanic Museum is from this incredible expedition, on display for you to see just inches away!

Before you venture out of the area, don’t forget to get some classic, goofy souvenir pics at Old Time Portraits with friends and family dressed up like old-time settlers!

Take the Trolley on over to Gatlinburg and hop their Trolley to some more of these in Pigeon Forge’s sister city of Gatlinburg!

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